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  1. Man. I’m already prepared I think. I have a beautiful sword, I have a skateboard for transportation, I’m able to sleep on the floor comfortably with only a pillow and a blanket or two, and I’m already rationing my food unintentionally cause I slept in and…skipped breakfast and lunch

  2. Real talk tho, bladed weapons are best avoided. They can get stuck in a body easily and are not ideal for damaging heads outside decapitation. What you really want is a MACE! Or ya know, an aluminum baseball bat… If ur boring

  3. Keeping a bat at home is useful why to do as much damage as possible another viable option fire extinguisher why? Its a real blunt weapon plus you can the stuff in side to blind said opponent

  4. It's not fun. It's actually pretty hard and tedious, but if you watch epic outfits how to video the night before you would be safe. Cause it has to be on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse

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