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  1. Great video! I was in the infantry at one point, the only tactic I didn’t understand was wearing the yeti while using the signal mirror I mean you’re signaling for help and purposely already giving your position away

  2. Whatever you do, there is always the old guy with his dog that will rumble you ! " What are you doing in the bushes pal ?" Woof, woof ! The best cover is to look like you've got a legitimate reason to be tooling around in the woods , like a forester or bird watcher etc..

  3. If you focus and believe enough you can be invisible. Just reach the highest plane of existence and contemplate all the wonders of the universe. Whatever it takes to get that high. Lmao

  4. Tip 1, Don’t stand when you can crouch.
    Tip 2, When using natural camouflage, be aware of which way up leaves grow. Don’t have them light side up.
    Tip 3, When applying cam cream, don’t put on a peaked cap to cast a big obvious shadow on your face.
    Tip 4, The military crest is not the top of the land feature, it’s lower. Basically where you would be stood if your head was just below the level of the actual crest.
    Tip 5, A good tracker will be able to tell you the thread count on your socks, walk lightly placing your feet on ground litter that will not fold, bend or break under your weight.

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