10 Wilderness Survival Tips in 10 Minutes

Here are 10 survival skills in 10 minutes. From bushcraft skills to foraging wild edibles in the wilderness. From surviving with …


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  1. Be sure each person in your party knows what is SOS and also everyone has a whistle each to call for help or attention. SOS is the universally known code for help…… 3 short beeps, count to 5 and give 3 long beeps…. And count to 5 again and give 3 short beeps
    three shorts, 3 long, three shorts can tell people who know SOS but don't need to know the whole Morse code if you use this part. If you can control the flashy surface over can lid or something ,you can even send SOS with a flasher using the lid and the sun to reflect toward a potential savior.

  2. After this video I just had to subscribe… Love TAF and I am starting to love your channel too. Very enjoyable and useful content which has improved so much from your first vids. Well done and hope you will get to 2M soon!

  3. From Ten to Ten Survival Trick, This Is Tenten from the Anime Japan Naruto's Friend

    Well Done Mate
    Your Survival Trick really-really Help me to understand the art of Nature
    Cheerio….. England
    Don't forget Tea Time English mate
    You're the Man 👍👍🍻🍻

  4. Indeed the Ocean is deep and in it, there are such secrets, out of our imagine, we dont know so far, they are there and wait for us.

    It is our fault, that we dont take time, to search for them, to unlock them, learn and understand them and maybe benefit from them.

    Don’t they look at the camels, how they are created?

    And at the sky — how it is raised?

    (Quran 88:17–18)

    The camel was the most important animal for the Arabs. It was their means of transport carrying their load and belongings. It nourished them with food and drink. From its hair and skin they made their clothes and tents. Camel is unique among all animals. Despite its strength, size and firm build, it is not wild. Even a young boy can manage it. It gives man great service and, at the same time, it is inexpensive to keep and its food is easy to find. Moreover, it is the only animal to endure hunger, thirst, hard work and poor conditions.

    So, the Quran, asks of its first audience to ponder on how the camel is made. This does not require them to undertake any difficult task or to discover any obscure field of science. Camels were a part of their world, and they only needed to look and consider how they were made most suitable for their role; how their shape and build fitted perfectly with their environment and function. Man did not create camels, nor did camels create themselves. So, they must have been made by the Supreme Maker whose work reflects His limitless ability and perfect planning, and testifies to His existence.

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    Islam is like a treasure, if you opne it in the right way, you will only find benefit in it. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala guide you and me Insha'Allah.

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    I share this message as a gift, you can take it or throw it away.

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    By Tiime Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

    (Quran Surah 13 ; 28) Truly, only through the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace

  5. I' m sorry, but I asked you the backpack Red ( more and less) and rhe back of Judas that you have to put in the things of fire, and any comunicación, any answers….ALWAYS THE SAME…

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