35 Valuable Survival Hacks In a Wild

TIMESTAMPS: 00:30 Fishing hacks 03:25 Outdoor cooking hacks 07:40 DIY swings 11:10 How to cook fish in a wild #camping …


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  1. All of these work. Not all of them are very efficient, but they all work.
    The burying smoldering coals under rocks and dirt one is extremely inefficient. Collecting water in a bag works pretty damn well. The fish trap works if you have the materials and means to make it, but you're better off making a fish trap with sticks angled to allow fish into a widened depression but not out. The rubber band thing…yeah that was pretty dumb. The fishing rod one was basically a fishing yo yo and works pretty well, but you gotta have your tree limb planted about 2 ft deep to guarantee that to work. I've found its easier and more effective to use an overhanging branch. I've used the vibrations to collect worms several times. I'm actually impressed with the knife skills for that fish stew. The deadfall traps are pretty effective. Just a lot of these are so impractical for any kind of survival situation. As a chef and a survival instructor, im really impressed by these camp cooking techniques though.

  2. Als ob jemand 10kg Salz, Limetten und Chilischoten beim Survival dabeihat. Geschweige denn eine riesige Pfanne, die man auchbei Wok-WM nutzen könnte…

  3. Sounds like you have had bad luck. A plastic bag can collect few. Sodium works if you have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. In fact I've not seen anything here that I haven't used successfully in the past. I wouldn't cut my plastic bags though.

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