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  1. When my Dad was a kid, he did Scouts and he was on a camping trip out in the bush (here in Australia). Anyway, one of the boys in his troop had a leech on his face. The boy thought it was gone so he didn't think about it. Later that night, he felt a lot of pressure behind his eye. Turns out the leech had slid itself behind his eye and stayed there. Absolutely terrifying when the leech came out from behind his eye when it was full. disgusting.

  2. drink water from a cactus like the natives have done.
    according to hollyweird and john wayne.
    or mebbe its a big secret JOKE on the naive unquestioning ignoramuses that
    need to be taken out of the gene pool?

  3. 0:56 'urine is sterile'.
    hmmm. howcum when you leave it sitting in a jar for a week it turns into
    the most foul stinking substance in the city? hmmm?

  4. If you were born and raised in Florida you were taught to run in a zig zag, because the places we encounter alligators is never a wide open area. Because the "terrain" you will 99% of the time encounter an alligator in will be covered with cypress knees and trees, you run in a zig zag pattern through the knees and trees because he can't maneuver through them as well as you. But of course, if the area is wide open, run straight away from the water. He's not going to chase you very far from the waters edge.

  5. Never could understand why people would suggest playing dead when attacked by a large, omnivorous animal that has no problem eating carrion…

  6. Do not try to outrun any wild carvinorous/omnivorous landanimal that is large enough to cause you to worry: They are all faster than you.

    And as for leeches vomiting into your wounds: The same thing goes for removing ticks by suffocating them via glue, paint, nail polish, etc. While they die they will also barf all their contents into you, and if they carry any diseases, like many ticks do, you will most probably end up having them.

  7. not true they make it very clear in avtar the last air bender that cactus water is bad for u sakka and momo hallucinate from it like crazy so a little error from ur team there

  8. Sixteen years in military,plus Cubs/Boy Scout…who the hell told people any of these things would save your life…let me recheck my field manual…does Walmart sell common sense???πŸ€”

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