10+ Outdoor Survival Skills & Bushcraft Tips

Here are 10 outdoor survival tips and bushcraft skills that you can add to your survival knowledge. From lighting fires with obscure …


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  1. Glad to see you back in action bud! I think if you play with that jute twine with the metal tube some more you will like it more n more. Instead of laying the twine on the ground try different grip techniques whereas your strong hand is holding the knife and the tube. weak hand holding the fire steel. align the end of the twine to be directly in the path of the sparks. Takes a little practice to find a comfortable and safe grip but once you've got it the twine will take that spark very quickly. Uberleben makes a fine piece of kit that burns very well. Keep up the great work!

  2. One of my favourite tinders I use is the fluffy lint from my electric drier. I separate it into fist size pieces (squashed up in my fist), then massage vaseline into the fluff. I then place these into small plastic coin bags. You can get quite a few into a small space as they compress really well. I can light fires in most places and conditions.

  3. Doing my historical camps I would collect dried cat tail heads
    I would then dip them into wax and built a reasonable coating
    I would keep several in my kit and use them for candles but mainly after the first burn they make excellent char for flint and steel. I can start the tinder with the coal on the cat tail head like char cloth I usually leave a bit of the stem on the end of the head
    Can be used as a handle or can be stuck in the ground as a candle or use the entire head to get tinder started

  4. hey Mike! I just wanna ask how you deal with all those knives and axes on you out in wilderness, when its so strict and illegal in uk? i wanna be able to go out and enjoy my outdoors peace out of city chaos, instead I got anxiety and chaos out in wilderness and mostly on way there, beacause of all that strict nonsense,,, do you have some special certification for you to use all those locked bushcraft blades, cos you do bushcraft on different level, or whats the best way to do it here in UK? (iam in Scotland) … thanks a lot, all the best to 2023! Hope you ll see this and reply!:)

  5. I’ll bet the oils in your skin would gradually soak into that cotton ball fingertip method, which would probably help in fire-starting also. You’d just have to be careful about not soaking them with sweat I suppose. Great idea!

  6. I think you should also look at trying YouTube shorts just keep the videos short and sweet and teach people something simple that will trigger their curiosity and grow your following.

  7. For your wood oven. You could keep it simple and bake some bread in the oven, Or you could go fancy. The fish would taste great in a pie with a creamy lemon sauce filling….
    …. Or even just a pie.

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