Tips That Could Save Your Life if You Get Lost In The Wilderness

If you get lost in the wilderness your life may be in danger. Here are some life saving survival hacks and tips to help you survive in …


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  1. I have been through military survival training.. Some quick tips, (On average)… The human body can survive on, 3 minutes oxygen, 3 hours Hypothermia, 3 days water, 3 weeks food. Prioritize your needs accordingly. The rule of 3 is much larger than this but it can be a start for a beginner. Also, any plant with 3 leaves… let it be! Also, Fire Craft is a useful tool for: Warmth, Water/food Purification, Animal Deterrent, Physiological health, Rescue Signal (smoke) and more. Follow the Birds in the morning to water (also follow downhill trails that merge together). But for signaling and rescue travel uphill to open hill tops (avoid trees if possible).

  2. Love your vids and you clearly do your homework buiuuuut, quicksand has long been debunked as its represented in movies. It's slow as hell. Super thick meaning unless you jump into it and weigh hundreds and hundreds of pounds, you aren't going very far into. Also, it's damn near impossible to sink far enough down to suffocate because, for the most part, it actually doesn't create suction so much as it creates a pushing sensation. Your methods for escaping it are spot on though! 🙂

  3. 8:56 Actually due-south is a bit less or more than the halfway point to the 12-hand (for Northern or Southern hemisphere, resp).

    The difference is greater in the winter season than in summer, and greater the further from the equator. Using "halfway" will make your south be off by 10-70 degrees(!)

  4. speaking of fire: So if parents cant come to soon to pick up their child they go to child care(basiclly daycare for older people) and once we went out for recess and around the back of the feild someone made a legit fire by rubbing some sticks together of course it was put out

  5. I was wondering if you can have hipotermia in a tropical forest. I guess if you are unlucky in a specially "cold" winter night. I live in a tropical climate, once a decade we have a cold winter with chilling 10 degrees (Celsius) temperature. 🙃

  6. The quicksand part, as far as I know, isn't that legit- as quick sand is just a water pocket under dirt, sand, or whatever, and most will only get up to your ankles, and VERY slowly.

  7. We got quick sand at grandmas house. It can grow grass if avoided by animals meaning its my job to mow it. As long as you dont stop in it after it hasnt rained in a bit it is safe to traverse if you are not alone and they know you are doing it

  8. Hello I want to know whould u give me permition to use some of your videos with subtitle of another language in my channel or not ? I will be very thankful . Plz let me know

  9. Me watching this when I live outside all year around b in every weather from -40degrees to 110 degrees F in the summer. Watching this stuff makes me laugh. With even the smallest amount of preparation and some common sense you can make life so easy in a survival situation, I'd know I've been living it for the last twenty something years. And the best advise I can give any one if your lost and NOONE IS LOOKING FOR YOU make the biggest fire you can even if it mean settle the whole damn Forest on fire then get to an open area so that aircraft can spot you. Then reason I say only do this if no one is looking for you is because if a plane flys over the area your lost in and set a huge forest fire and it has spread over several acres that makes like a needle on a hay stack for rescue to spot you as apposed to a spot fire with dark smoke, an aircraft fly over they see the smoke and giving them pin point accuracy of your location.

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