25 Survival Skills You Will Need In a Serious Jam

How to survive in the wild? Do you know what to do if a bear attacks you? Or if you come face-to-face with a wolf? Specialists …


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  1. Bright side be like: If YoU gEt cOld In AnD YoUr LoST ThE WiLd ThEn GrAb SeVeRal PeIceS oF cLoThInG iT is MuCh WaRmEr ThAn a LoNg Coat

    Me be like: dude if ur lost his will u get several Peices of clothing?? 💀

  2. I just feel bad for the cartoon guy HAHAHA. Thanks for the tips, thou. My parents doesn't let me out of the house (aside from school) even before this pandemic occured, so I think I might not be able to practice these advices practically HAHAHA.

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