Scrap Mechanic Survival Life Hacks and Tips Everyone Should Know! – SM Survival Mode [SMS 29]

Welcome to another episode of Scrap Mechanic Survival Mode! Today I am going to share some useful tips and tricks I’ve picked …


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  1. Thank you! I just DL'd this game about a week ago and have been trying to learn on my own. But now I'm ready to learn some tips/tricks and you've been very helpful!

  2. Took me a while to even figure out you can hit the ember trees, I just assumed they were like normal trees and used a saw blade, planning to stick a vacuum on there and call it a day so I don't even have to get out

  3. everytime i hear the cook bot my blood pressure rises because i think theyre farm bots(not used to their sounds ) so i go in battle mode for 5 seconds ….L

  4. I find cook bot annoying. It was cute for the first ten minutes then the constant noise from it started to get on my nerves. I have a real problem with sounds in crowds. I have trouble with conversations in crowds to the point that I find most noises overwhelming and annoying. Most of the time I play games with the music off for that reason. High pitched noises makes my brain catch fire, you could literally drive me insane with a Styrofoam cup or anything made of Styrofoam. my sister on the other hand loves the stuff, we never could have a Styrofoam cooler because she would pick pieces off and chew it like gum. She never knew I hated the sound until one day while in a boat she picked a piece off and I pushed her out of the boat while screaming Stop it! Stop it! Stop eating the f**king cooler ! Yep, kids can be mean. I think I was 8 and she was 17. It was the first time I ever said a curse word in front of my parents and I gladly ate half a bar of soap when we got back to our camp.

  5. playing this because of you scrapman and its 2022 and the toilet still works just be carefull on the 4 tier warehouses because off the roof it sometimes launches you threw the map

  6. I got max lvl engine and my light car keeps drifting whenever I go faster. Do I need to make my vehicle heavy or there's something to do with other stuff like suspension and engine placement or driver placement?

  7. A few tips for Scrap Mechanic!

    1. Now that oil pools are out, make your base on top of one. It’s easy gas and if you have a hill next to it, it’s very easily defendable.

    2. If you water crops a little bit before they sprout, they will sprout prematurely.

    3. DO NOT make your vehicles out of metal tier 3. I haven’t done that and my cars are always perfectly fine during raids or fighting bots. Instead of metal tier 3, make them out of something cheaper, such as wood tier 1, metal tier 1, concrete tier 1 or 2, or a combination of these materials. They’re pretty easy to get and replace, and you can still defend your vehicles by using yourself as bait or with sawblades. Unless they are meant for frontline combat against the bots, which I really do not recommend, don’t make them out of metal tier 3.

    4. Always bring a cookbot, stuff for a mini farm, and a resource collector or two when you’re out exploring. The mini farm allows you to get stuff for a veggie burger and revival baguettes if you need extra. The resource collectors are so you can easily grab haybot spines/leg/arms to get rid of lag pretty easily.

    5. When making an explorer vehicle, always make sure it has at least 2 large chests worth of storage, which is 3 small chests worth or 60 slots of storage or room to put the chests in later if you don’t have them yet. It’s always useful to have extra storage on your vehicles.

    6. Get the better spudguns as soon as you can. The shotgun is very useful against the worse bots such as the haybots or tote bots and is also more spud-efficient to kill the totebots. The spudling gun is pretty quick at killing the farmbots.

    7. When fighting a raid, target the bots in this order. Tapebots first, then the farmbots, then the haybots, then the tote bots. The tapebots will snipe you before you can take out the others and the farmbots can tank spuds and do tons of damage.

    8. Make a vehicle that’s specifically for refining. It can help you clean up after raids and after mining without you having to refine everything manually or have a big, bulky refinery on your miner that will make it harder to get at rocks.

    9. Don’t make your miners complex. A giant, complicated mining system will do nothing but lag your game and mine for you. Instead, make your miners on a smaller size, between kAN’s co-op bobcat to your explorer vehicle in size. Also, make it multi-purpose like kAN’s bobcat so it can cut down trees and mine rocks with minimal modification.

    10. Never use the scrap wheels. They just don’t handle well at all on anything but flat ground and they don’t even do well there. In fact, don’t make any scrap parts except for the seat if you can’t find cotton.

  8. Haybots will back away from the player to analyze them before attacking. When you attack then they will attack or after a limited time. Also bots will be scared of moving parts. So hook the saw blades up to a generator and have em spin to quickly be able to defend your farm. Or just use wood +'s. You don't need to make a solid wall. Making it like a bunch of bars or a fence will keep the materials down and the defense up. A single milk will level your water and food. Food gains health and will very slowly deplete. Water will slowly deplete and depletes faster when running. They both deplete from harvesting material blocks. So carry 5 burgers and 5 milk to increase your time out and about. The lift is a multi tool. You can pick up creations or simply use it to get higher. But if your in a sticky situation placing it down and using it might help.

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