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  1. Actually with snakebites you are to apply a pressure bandage to the wound and also mark the wound with a pen or marker so it is easily located when the bandage is taken off at hospital.

  2. Great info, making the excess sweating stop within 2 days was so much more than I expected, I went with what I talked about last week and after the first day or so I was very surprised to start feeling much more comfortable and dry! I went ahead and go'ogled Cynthia Yulesin’s Stop Sweating Today and after 72 hours I now sweat like a “normal” person lol

  3. This is nice and helpful … if you remember things.
    "Oh!! A bear… what to do!! Ok let's see, is it black bear? grizzly bear? assume it's grizzly… what to do next? Let me search that on YT… hm which channel was that? Was it The Infogr…" dead

  4. One thing about survival it is based off of instinct. Sometimes last minute decisions can save your life but may cause damage. Damage is always better than death. Just think wisely about your survival strategies 💪🏾

  5. Just FYI, the vast majority of black bears false charge. It is well known, if a black bear false charges- it will never charge. Even with cubs.
    Do not run with your back to any predator. That is the absolute guaranteed way to be killed by predators who would not have attacked until you acted as prey. You face the predator with whatever you can arm yourself with, make yourself as big as possible, and back away.
    Fight black bears that full charge to the death because that's what they are doing.

  6. I just watched a video of a diver diverting a shark that was approaching him and what he did was turn around and face the shark like you would a bear (from Alaska so plenty of encounters) so that way your flapping away doesn’t trigger its attack mode and it views you as a fellow predator The shark slowed down a lot but it didn’t stop so he reached his Arm out and pushed the shark away by the nose well right above the nose between the eyes so it doesn’t see the arm and he redirected its path and it left him alone and it looked surprisingly easy for him to push it away for how large it was which is why I’m skeptical of the infographics advice since I literally watched a guy who practically lives in the ocean do it and work lol

  7. I want to reiterate this, because for people this applies to this is important. DO NOT punch a shark in the nose, it will do basocally nothing except increase the chance you lose a limb. Always aim to punch the eye or gouge and punch the gills. Both are far more sensitive and in the case of gills, the shark needs those to breathe.

  8. I actually do live in a century-old house where the doorways are the strongest lol. But yeah, I knew that the doorway advice doesn't hold up for newer houses. Something else the video doesn't mention is that the door can swing violently during a big earthquake, and if you stand in the doorway you could be hit by it.

  9. I once attacked a shark whilst swimming in the Pacific Ocean. I took him down in under 35 seconds with only one arm and three fingers. My ring finger, index finger, and me trusty thumb.

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