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  1. Andrew, I like how you teach bushcraft and survival skills and then turn it right back to a lesson on daily living, self motivation, etc. Very motivational, and encouraging.

  2. Second video of yours I’ve watched today, excellent, this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite channels!
    Awesome content mate, good on you!
    P.S. love the mention to the Swiss Army Knife, I’m a huge fan of them!

  3. To keep nails from splitting the ends of boards or limbs, stand the nail on a rock and tap the end of the point OF THE nail. till it is not sharp Then pound it in and the limb or board will not split the wood. TRY IT

  4. Brilliant video! I'm a keen amateur survivalist (love learning about it, hardly ever get the chance to practice) and by the time I get to practice what I've learned I'll likely forget it. Your video though has the right balance for me of concise visual and verbal explanation which means I'm more likely to remember it without having the chance to practice straight away. The pack frame, chair, cooking tripod and fire kit were especially "lightbulb" moments for me!

    Out of interest, is there an optimum amount of cordage you make sure you have for as many occasions and uses that might crop up? I'm thinking mainly an amount if "surprise camping" is required like lost in the woods because a certain other half didn't remember the hiking route properly and need to survive the night? ((Honestly, it was just lucky I over prepared extra layers and some food in my pack for everyone, and we emerged the next morning looking like we'd been lost for weeks we were so wet and dirty)) 😀

  5. Great video! You're one of the few I've seen that actually lashes right. People miss the frapping, and it's what makes the whole thing tight. Along with a backpack you might want to get into travois building. Hauls heavier loads, including injured people. Can be a problem in some types of terrain.

  6. It's crazy how people still don't carry a knife and lighter now days when they leave the house I try to be prepared before I go in the woods by myself or with my family . There are alot of dangerous animals walking around in the wood where I'm from there have even been big cat sitings like moutain cats be careful out there

  7. Hi, I'm wondering, when you say Chaga, is that the mushroom? I have used a dried mushroom for fire in the past, I just didn't know its name and don't want to assume I know. Thank you

  8. I don’t understand making the tent stakes. You need what.. 4-6? And they take up 0 space and weigh a few ounces.. 🤷‍♂️. Other than a personal opinion lol all great ideas very well shown and explained. Definitely worth a sub and like!

  9. There was a lot of jargon in here for a beginner video. Please consider explaining more simply in the future, talking more slowly, or defining words while you are using them.

  10. watching a master in his art… thanks!! do you have something even more beginner on the basics like knots and stuff? I'm following but would be impossible to replicate 😀 because of my skills only, your explanations are perfect!! subbed

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