20 Wilderness Survival Tips!

Here’s a few handy wilderness survival tricks that might just save you in an emergency! Fire making, water purification, navigation …


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  1. ah! Lucky to see your video sharing 20 good tips on how to survive in the wild, it's really necessary for those who go into the wild to survive alone, thank you very much, best wishes to you and your family. peaceful

  2. Fyi, the needle trick doesn’t need a magnet to work. You can rub the needle on a piece of fine cloth, eg silk, to galvanize the needle via static electricity.

    Great video! I love all the ways you show us how to use a dead phone.

  3. 1. zipper/ring tab as fish hook

    2. bullet casing as arrowhead

    3. heated rock to dry wet shoes

    4. key as saw for wood

    5. cotton/wool shoes as tinder

    6. pine tree oil as bug repellent or burn it

    7. flint rocks as knife

    8. 550 paracord for shoe string lace

    9. Candle to transfer flame

    10. Backpack soft foam padding as ftinder

    11. Bottle water to focus sunlight

    12. Plastic bottle can boil water

    13. Water filter with bottle (toxic) short term

    14. Makeshift chopstick with branch

    15. Keep charcoal

    16. Make stove from cans

    17. Ferro rod

    18. Mirror from phone

    19. Arrowhead or sharp cutting tool from phone circuit board

    20. Wire snares from headphones

    21. Use magnet inside the speaker of the phone to rub (bobby pin/needle) metal pin to make compass

    22. Place makeshift magnet on leaf on still water. Pin closest to sun = south (northern hemisphere) opposite for southern hemisphere.

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