10+ Bushcraft Skills and Wilderness Survival Hacks

Here are 10 simple bushcraft skills and wilderness survival hacks that you can learn in just over 10 minutes. From making traps, to …


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  1. *quick note – I mentioned that Hedge Woundwort looks like Nettle as it’s in the same family “Lamiaceae” – Nettle is in the family “Urticacea” I had it written down in my notes as the plant being in same family as Mint – Which is Lamiacea but ended up talking about Nettles. They are not the same family! But do look similar and share similar characteristics. Anyway – brain is fried from editing and life, apologies for the mix up!

  2. Hi, the trap is a great idea and splitting the trigger trap stick awesome. I think a few more sticks should be laid on the main trigger stick like a fish bone to have a great chance of trapping the birds..
    Then wasting the flint stick to clean a knife is definitely a NO GO, rather use sand and water and a cloth… like sand paper.
    I would recommend a bigger seath knife for survival purposes…
    I like the Rambo knife with a compartment for little emegency items… eg matches, fish line & hooks, needles and cotton etc….
    The whisle is good, but that type of wood is not always available.
    I always take a whistle & a piece of stainless steel plate about 3×4.. with me.
    A whistle can be heard much futher away and you dont get as tired and frustrated as when shouting.. the ss plate cant break used as a mirror and can reflect the sun to signal for attention..

  3. i feel like all those bushcraft whistles are useless like if you have the energy to make that thing just yell at the top of your lungs "HELPPPPPP" and it'll be much easier and louder

  4. Wonderful to see this trap being made here, it reminds me of my childhood, my brother and I used to set up several of these on my grandmother's land here in Brazil about twenty-five years ago.

  5. Konstruktion gibt einem ein etwas sicheres Gefühl, auch wenn es überhaupt nicht sicher ist. Dach fehlt noch.
    Als Schnur geflochtene Angelsehne. Sollte reichen.
    Ansonsten finde ich es gut, wenn etwas ausprobiert wird.
    Vielen Dank und Top! 👍👍

  6. Another knot to connect two cords together is the square knot, I'd say it's easier to tie than the fisherman's knot, other knots to know are the timber hitch, clove hitch, and bowline. Also knowing how to do lashing is very practical and easy to do.

  7. On the homestead, we make a salve with the purple nettle. I've seen it turn major brown recluse bites turn into minor bites. Every body is different, so what works for some might not be as effective for others, but it takes the itch out of bites, cleans, coagulates, and accelerate the healing of wounds. We've seen it work miracles for diaper rash and skin irritation. Our salve is made from the plant, beeswax, and I believe an essential oil. Can't tell you what, idk. But this plant works wonders for wounds big and small, and skin surface ailments. I believe the plant is also edible.

  8. When making the whistle, is there enough space between the bark and the stick for air or did you skip making the small gap on the end section of the stick for air?

    Have a great day

  9. Hi my Grandfather taught me how to make this trap when I was younger but I couldn't remember how to make it properly till I saw your video…the trap we used to catch birds I'd catch them and and let them go, 👍 thanks.

  10. theres an urbar legend/mith in brazil that a boy with green skin, red hair and feet turned in 180 degrees scare ilegal hunters by confusing them and scaring them with scary sounds, and one of the sounds he make is a whistle sound, so the whistle woudn't work

  11. Nothing new for me, but very well done. It's really good to see old knowledge being recycled. In my youth, Everyone knew about practicle things like this, Before the indoctrination really got going i suspect.
    The second knot, (you called it a fishermans knot i think). Is a noose. Its the knot they use to hang people. Had a lot of use in the Americas lately i hear. It's good to clean house now and then, Check for mould, damp patches, Satanists. that kind of thing. they do seem to pop up everywhere recently.

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