Top 10 Survival Items At The Dollar Store Worth Buying

Prepping for emergencies does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can buy many budget survival gear at your dollar store.


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  1. I do know that bleach will break down and lose potency over time after exposed to air I learned this basic chemistry and even if you close the container tight it still will lose potency

  2. Shaving cream, believe it or not. Damp cloth, dollop of shaving cream, and it's a quick "bath." It cleans, kills odors, and has emollients for your skin. I also recommend having a few solar powered spotlights and just s.p. lights.

  3. About this bug out bag you talk about. Don't you only need if you plan to leave home? Well, I'm an elderly lady that has to use a walker and no one to help. And what about all the stuff I've stored?

  4. Is no one gonna talk about how he said to put bleach in the water. I get it you have no clean water but you can make a filtration system and or boil the water…. Bleach? I don’t think so

  5. Long neck lighters the glass candles will last 72 hrs. Know this which i have done glasses for older folks for reading they have wipes for cleaning dollar store is going up to 2 dollar

  6. I’m gonna add with the medicine make sure you check the expiration dates on those before you buy them dollar stores are frequently sell you items that can be quite expired

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