Great Depression Survival Tips

From Clara’s DVD: Stay positive, we can get through these hard times. Clara offers five tips …


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  1. I'm so thankful for Clara's Grandson that has kept this wonderful channel going! She was like a Nana that I never got to meet.

    Clara's knowledge that's shared, is something we can learn from,especially now that prices are so high in 2024. God bless her Grandson!

  2. Love you, Clara. I hope you're still cooking up there in Heaven. I use several of your recipes regularly in our home. They are always well received. Thank you for the recipe for ices. The kids simply love them. They check regularly to see if it's ready yet, lol.

  3. She is like my grandmother. she passed away in 2019 at the age 115 years of age.

    I am from India. They lived in during the British empire. The food was such good quality that they did not needed large quantity. My grandmother used to buy things from the farmers directly.

    6 or 7 large packs of wheat and ghee from the people who kept dairy cows. vegetables use to come from small farmers just outside the city.

    I always asked my grandma why they did not left to United states they were financially ok.

  4. A dear friend just asked how to prepare he children for the coyote. I thought of Clara and sent the link to her videos. Clara left a legacy that will help many in the year(s) to come, probably more than she ever imagined. ♥️
    Thank you so much for sharing Clara with us.

  5. Thank you to her children and grand children that did this for Clara and what's even greater is you can order her cook book and still watch her on You tube.. She brought back my childhood memories of my grandparents who taught me what they knew when they had to survive the depression.. Wish more children would listen to their elders because through them is WISDOM you need in order to survive difficult times!! I Love this beautiful lady and my elders for their strength and courage to had to gone through such a terrible time, but Thank God they did survive to teach me …My elders said The Great Depression will happen again but it will be much worse. We are almost there now some say…. But I say NOT yet . So if anyone wants to learn how to survive learn now and take not one thing for granted and waste nothing because it could be your LAST SUPPER!!

  6. Everyone needs salvation here are the words of salvation please forgive me jesus im a sinner come into my heart and save me from my sin I no that you are the savior and I no that you died for me on calvary and I no that God raise you from the dead and you are alive and I thankyou for your salvation in Jesus holy name amen and its important to always ask for forgiveness

  7. Awww I just love watching her videos. Such a precious lady. So sweet. Today made her baked apples recipe. Thank you to her grandson who ever you are for sharing her . ❤

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