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  1. For the Australian animals, the little jellyfish (irukanji) is only really found right up north and between Nov – Mar in the warmer months.
    You're really unlucky if you step on a stonefish. You'll need the hottest water you can handle.

  2. My mom when I was a child thought vinegar and pee worked so we tried pee first which didn’t work then vinegar so I found that one out the hard way ig. Also I was 11 and it was on my chest I thought I was having a heart attack in the ocean😂💀

  3. here's a rhyme that I was taught to help differentiate between a Scarlet king snake in a coral snake. Red touches black friend of Jack, Scarlet king snake. Red touches yellow kill a fellow, coral snake. Unless you're herpetologist though folks don't touch snakes. Just leave them alone. God bless you and thank you so much for all the entertaining and incredibly informative content. You really should be on the television show of your own. You have way too much talent only to stay on YouTube. You would be awesome at stand up as well. Where can we go to watch more episodes?

  4. If I'm capable of killing a polar bear and I go out to some yee yee ass poison, my soul might just finna transcend existence so I don't have to explain to saint Peter how I became a hashtag.

  5. But… if a toothed whale swallows you, and you don't get torn to shreds, doesn't that mean that you're going to be digested ALIVE, or do they just like other whales have very narrow throats keeping them from swallowing you?

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