10 Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft & Camping Tips in 10 Minutes

Here are 10 wilderness survival, bushcraft and camping tips in 10 minutes! Using tools such as bushcraft knife, paracord, and a …


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  1. If you have a hessian sack run a little bathroom silicone along the seams to strengthen and support the sewing. Because of its open weave hessian's stitching can fray out very easily. Also, oversee and then smear the silicone on. Silicone is very useful to waterproof small wear points and repairs.

  2. Nice! Quick, thorough, and well explained information delivered to our door with the fat trimmed off. Perfectly to the point and perfectly demonstrated visually. Condenced information refined and defined.

  3. I am surprised that you didn't mention the need for packaging of any pot or grill that has been over an open fire. They get covered in soot! A really filthy addition to your pack in the morning.

  4. And for the love of God, never drink in the woods. Around a backyard bonfire, sure, but itโ€™s sad how many people Iโ€™ve come across that like to get loaded way out in the wild. They leave garbage. Nothing but problems. Stay sharp and alert and connect with the land, even lose yourself at large in it. Youโ€™ll survive longer.

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