100 Survival Tips That WILL Save Your Life

These survival facts are crazy helpful! Today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 100 Survival Facts That Might Save Your …


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  1. Ok some advice with snake bites restrict three inches above the the bite e.g. if your using a bandage or a piece of material tie or wrap extremely tight. If you have been bitten by a snake your main goal is to keep the venom from spreading

  2. Self-defence: Ask your attacker an open-ended question such as "what's your favourite colour?" In most cases the attacker will be caught off guard by the question giving you time to launch a defensive attack.

  3. If a can of food is bulged don’t not eat it because if it’s bulged, it is a sign that botulinum toxin is inside and has contaminated what is inside also, if you’re lost and you have an iPhone 14 promax, you have no cellular signal. You can use SOS mode. This will ask you to move around in a circle to locate. A satellite that is in orbit this one this will allow you to text A SOS ground station that will relay your information to emergency services including your location

  4. I would never go into the bush without a dog…bears can smell them and will think twice about bothering you.If your group encounters a couger gather together and put kids up on shoulders to look big

  5. I could have used 28 more than once – getting a finger stapled is painful. It literally leaks for around 3-5 days afterwards if you take out the staple.

    Also, always turns toward the skid. Good driving tip and can save your life.

  6. WOW😊I most certainly enjoyed this video,learning all things of what to do in everyday life situations.Of course I’ve always learned how to survive in the world 🌎 rather in school,college, or even on a trip,it is always a good idea to bring things for protection such as weapons,tools, health gear, etc.Just remember to always stay safe out there.😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

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