Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Survival tips may save your life sometime, and as the Boy Scout motto reminds us, it’s good to always be prepared in survival …


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  1. Zip tie break: how often do kidnappers tie hands in front vs back? Seems impossible to use your knee or raise your hands above your head to break a zip tie if your hands are tied behind your back. Might want to check into both possibilities next time?

  2. If you ever witness a crime against a pedophile or a rapist, go ahead, use the bystander effect. Even if the pedophile or rapist is being abducted or sent to the club downunder. Truth claim that you thought someone else called emergency services.


  3. The B52 didnt exist in 1945
    First flying in December 1954, B-52B, AF Serial Number 52-8711, entered operational service with 93rd Heavy Bombardment Wing (93rd BW) at Castle Air Force Base, California, on 29 June 1955. The wing became operational on 12 March 1956

  4. I was walking up an access road to some rural land in the Autumn when a black bear stepped out from the side of the road and turned to face me. I was wearing a light jacket. I stood on tip toe and spread the sides of the jacket up and out. The bear turned and ran away. These bears are near sighted so if you're carrying something hold it over your head. Anything to make you look bigger. A friend, in a similar situation, hit the bear on the nose with his walking stick. Bears are interested in something to eat, not a confrontation

  5. It would end badly if the zip tie was too thick. Scaring a bear or mountain lion / cougar is much easier and more effective than anything else. This was an interesting video, that brought up interesting concerns. The likelyhood of needing to use a peed-on handkerchief for mustard gas is zero for most people, or dealing with a wild animal that wants to kill you… close-to zero % chance of viewers ACTUALLY experience this.
    And in those zero to one scenarios, these solutions for dealing with them don't explain clearly what to do. This whole video needs a bit more insight, or it needs to be less misleading. Either way, this felt like click bait.

  6. i am well familiar with the bystander effect, one such case in everyday life is when somebody is trying to get onto the buss but nobody else says or notices, so jump up from your seatand tell the person, or shout if you are close

  7. if your stranded in the woods know where you are if you know the direction of landmarks or rivers or areas with people, use the sun to get a sense of direction and head towards those directions. if you have no idea which way to go start walking in a random directions but keep the sun on either your right or left side so you stay following the right direction. dont worry about finding food first you can go 3 weeks without food, when nighttime comes build a simple lean too shelter, and place logs and hay on the ground so you can sleep at least 6" or 20cm above the ground because the ground sucks all your body temp away. keep walking until you follow water. if you find a stream follow it downstream to a river, if you find a river follow upstream if in a desert climate cause downstream will dry up… if in a normal climate follow the river upstream to find people. always strain your water through a piece of cloth or your sock and boil if possible. you can make fires hundreds of ways google how to make an easy fire from nature only, and practice It. when walking through the woods make plenty of noise to ward off animals. if you see a bear, dont run if it's a brown bear play dead if it attacks its it black stay still dont run or move if it attacks fight back. before you start walking find a nice walking stick to help reduce fatigue and can also be sharpened on a rock to be used as a makeshift spear or blunt weapon. you can eat leaves of four or more never eat in groups of 3. dont eat berries that grow in clusters of less than 4 only eat berries if clusters of 6 or more. if curious if a plant is poisonous try and wait and see if an animal eats it, or if theirs evidence of animals foraging in the past. if you think its edible start off eating a small amount wait 20mins eat more wait 20 mins eat more and if your still fine after an hour eat as much as you want. if foods low dont rule out eating animals or bugs you need all the energy for survival. always svagene any materials or tools you may have near you before you walk in the woods for help, like if your car breaks or airplane wrecks theirs many good things you can scavenge and find that will help you. hope this helps, btw I'm a survival expert lol sorry for my english it my 4th language

  8. Another great segment I just wanted to add something if you ever need to get on a real handcuffs you don't need a key or a pic you need old fashioned click pen you break off the metal clip that goes on your pocket grind flat down on the ground and you shim it in between where the handcuffs clothes were the little gear teeth are and it'll pass between them and then the slip open I've watched this on many things and tried it myself it works and I have a real set of cop cuffs

  9. Here in Australia 🇦🇺 us beach lovers🏖 have been teaching our kids for many years to ‘go with the rip’ as it will eventually dump you back closer to shore some way further down the beach 🏝 🦈

  10. I hope I have some popcorn and something good to drink because you know what your damn right I’m just gonna by a bystander. Why would I want to get stab for someone who I don’t know

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