Urban Survival in the Apocalypse: Secrets 90% Don't Know

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  1. One fact no one realizes or refuses to think of is that cops will be a bigger threat than the average joe shmoe. Most cops are already psychos just wait until SHTF. They already care nothing for the public and only for them selves, just wait and see how they act when they arent protected by the courts and there's no calling for back up! You think police brutality is bad now.. lmao! yall in for a rude awakening when it becomes dog eat dog.

  2. Gonna have to disagree on your hypothesis that gasoline runs out before Diesel in an shtf situation. For the last two years that I've owned a diesel truck in Florida, every time we have a hurricane roll through the area, every station (non truckstop) that has diesel has been out. I've barely made it home a few times but I'm lucky enough to have a second car that runs on gas.

  3. I live right up the street from the place the usa stores much of its emergency and disaster relief food supplies….its stored inside of a cave system that is so big they have semi truck traffic jams inside of it…..its pretty awesome place….you can figure outwhere it is if you google it…but im not gonna tell you in the hope that you will forget and that when the SHTF you wont be able to google it anymore….i doubt they will let me live in there with them butmaybe they will let me get some food….since im so close….but im not banking on it.

  4. The biggest mistake is to think you can defend alone. Everyone has a few people that they trust and it's best to group up and defend together. A group of 4 to five people, that are like minded, will better your odds of survival. If you think you are some lone warrior, you will not make it long.

  5. All you fools keep saying " when the shtf" as though this will be some future eventuality that will happen really quick, like in a day or two. What none of y'all seem to realize is that the s has been in the process of hitting the fan for at least 20 years. Y'all think it's going to be big and dramatic with flames and explosions and loud music like some Hollywood movie but it will be slow and gradual and mundane in appearance and it will catch every single one of us, even the most hardcore prepper, totally off guard with their pants down…

  6. I just noticed that I’m watching “Canadian” Prepper. I sure there’s a lot of info within your content but I’m left wondering how you’re going to protect yourself from the bad people in your neighborhoods with a sharpened spork.

  7. Prepping is ruining many normal lives.
    Telling poor middle class to go ahead get ready for the end of the world.
    They are purchasing extra weapons, ammo, stash foods & alert bug out bags .
    Their simple mind is primed with conspiracy oriented drills are taking a paranoid toll to otherwise normal citizens.
    Preaching dooms day readiness is not helping the general public mental health.
    Trust me I am on front of this.

  8. I used to work for a catering company and the building they run and cook their food out of looks a lot like one he drive past at 3:30 mark. It has stockpiles of canned and no perishable food, it’s own generator, low amount of entrances and windows and easy access to the roof from inside.

  9. Post Office, FedEx, UPS, Amazon/Walmart shipping centers for those that don't live near Shipping Yards and Truck Depots. Truck Stops and Truckers are gonna feel like Mad Max… But you are already seeing it. This is what I suggest after the first 72 hours.

  10. Other people are the biggest issue if you are prepped. The only thing i need to gather in the worst scenario, is fire extinguishers, and lots of them…being burnt out in your residence is a problem if people decide you have stuff…barb wire and chemicals. Defence of your home…again is how you'll get through the locals finding out you have stuff. When you aren't skin and bone like everyone else..
    Someone is going to see you at some point and word will spread rapidly.

  11. I think you underestimate the intelligence of the populace.. All these "secrets" will be common knowledge in days, not weeks.. Pretty much whatever happens, re-establishing widespread cooperation and civil norms as quickly as possible is the only realistic survival strategy.

  12. You are totally wrong If The defecation Hits oscillation Avoid all men made objects 99% human is gonna be Going after those1st thing you need to do Take your mouth shut Grab your survival gear do not wear camouflage That just a big red flag everybody Disappear in the woods If nuclear hits It's gonna be several years before Anything starts to become Useful for humans You're not always gonna have guns around Can you make a weapon And use it Without using man made materials Are you truly prepared I don't think so The way you're talking You gotta get you and everybody else around you dead You are ignorant towards this Avoid all men made objects That's easy access You're lazy basic truth

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