How To Actually Survive Being Shot & Other How To Survival Tips and Tricks (Compilation)

00:00 How to Survive Being Shot 06:47 How to Survive Being Stabbed 17:37 How to Survive in Prison 28:12 How to Actually …


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  1. Why was i taking in the info on one hand… Then cackling like a hyena on the other. You guys have me informed which i thank you for yet conflicted πŸ˜‚

  2. On the Prison part of the video:: I did a 6 year Bit in Indiana back in 1989 till the end of 92.. ( Indy does half of what the Court gives you..) I did my whole time with only 2 fights.. And those were in the Country Jail.. But my time in Prison was fight free. I stayed out of things that didn't concern me.. Had a group of 4 guys I that I worked with and hung out with.. 90% of the time I always had money.. But if I did needed to borrow something , I would get it off one of them.. I didn't gamble , make bets or do drugs.. A little weed here and there , but I could pay for it.. And I didn't disrespect anyone for any reason.. Not even my Bro's.. So yes, a person can get through prison with out any trouble.. But it does depending on where you do your time..

  3. I bought The Wim Hof Method last year and it's awesome. Unfortunately, in North Central Florida, our "cold" water in the shower is comparable to the ground water, which is β‰ˆ72Β°, so it's not great for cold conditioning. Luckily, my work has an ice machine. So I just need to fill a couple of coolers to get β‰ˆ50lbs of ice in the bath, which, with the "cold" water, brings the temperature to as low as the low 40Β°s. If only I didn't have to switch between my legs and torso, at 6'5" in a standard tub.

  4. They made so many errors with respect to bullet velocity, not acceleration. A projectile only accelerates while passing down the barrel of the weapon. Once it leaves the muzzle, it immediately begins to decelerate due to friction with the air it is passing through. The energy they speak of is measured in foot/pounds at impact. This is a measure of the energy released into target at impact, which is a function of the mass of the projectile X the speed at time of impact

  5. There is NO guarantee that a bottle of bleach that you buy at the grocery store ONLY contains BLEACH. There could easily be additional residual (and harmful) chemicals in the bottle. Since bleach is not intended for ingestion, the labeling will probably not mention any of the residual additional chemicals.

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