Ned's Stars Give Brutally Honest Advice To Their BFFs | Ep 61

This week on the pod we’re getting REAL with each other as we offer hard-hitting advice on how we can unlock our fullest …


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  1. I love the pod and all three of you; I've grown up with you and have enjoyed all the silly and sometimes serious advice you give.
    You guys have given so much advice to me over the years. I feel like I've maybe grown to a point that I can start giving advice, and my advice today is for Daniel, and other people who have experienced what he expressed during Rose, Bud, Thorn.
    I think you've done an amazing job finding a way to utilize your degree! I have found that most people have an understanding that a degree means you HAVE to work in that field. But from my experience, which is limited to mostly the mental health side of life. It's not only about using the degree for a specific job, but more about how you end up utilizing the knowledge that you gained with the degree. Maybe your linguistic degree was meant for you to be able to bridge gaps in understanding between different cultures with different languages, for you to help build the bigger community. I hope you maintain being proud of how far you've come and continue on your quest for knowledge. As my favorite teacher from high school used to say, "Enjoy getting educated, and you'll forever be a sponge for knowledge." 😊

  2. This was a rewatch podcast for like a few weeks then it derailed into nonsense, this is not the neds podcast and it never was, its a bunch of washed up has beens who have nothing else in their lives and are clinging to a 20yo show they were in as kids, sad and pathetic

  3. 12:03 DEVON wants to say so much about Lindsey’s advice on Daniel 😭 I’m sorry but Daniel and Devon will end up doing this podcast alone by the end of it all. This is too much even for me to watch sometimes 😭

  4. Lindsey is a sweet girl but I can feel Lindsey and Devon having some weird tension. I know what it is but I’m just going to keep quiet and hopefully Lindsey gets the guidance she needs 🫶🏼

  5. If you guys were ever open to advice or observations from fans on how the podcast could be better, the only thing I personally wish was different was the amount of sex talk.

    I guess it is true all of us who used to watch the show when it was on Nick are old enough now to where we've long since been exposed to conversation about and/or the experience of sex for ourselves, but for me it just takes the purity and innocence away from the podcast that I personally directly associate with the show and that regardless is something lacking among adults and young people today. I feel like without sex talk, the podcast would be all the more a splitting image of the show. There are also different types of talking about sex: giving tips, sharing personal experience and stories, and jokes. If it were my podcast (please don't get mad at me, lol, I love you guys!), if I just had to talk about sex for some reason, I would limit it to things that are truly beneficial for the listeners. Once it gets to descriptive and graphic jokes, stories, and comments, the vibe becomes something else that, believe it or not, even adults listeners wish they didn't have to hear. I wish I could listen to the podcast and it not take away the purity and wholesomeness of the show in my memory and feelings, since I'm watching the same friends talking together.

    Obviously you guys can do what you want, of course we did all get older and aren't kids anymore, and sure a few people listening could I guess get advice or a reminder for their sex life somehow (Maybe what Not to talk about, lol, or to wait till marriage and spare yourself from a bunch of mess!) through the show that'll actually make a lasting difference. I know it's not a major theme of the podcast and I won't stop listening to the pod just because of that, you guys can do what you want. But thank you anyway if you guys read my comment.

    I love listening to you guys, hope you're doing great and great episode,


  6. i luv how they brought back the "KUSH"! 😭😭 that shrooms story from Dan was wild tho, i reccomend everyone go back and watch that episode

  7. Loved this episode so so much. However, terrible advice to ask your friends to give you advice. Not all of us (including myself and my friends) can deliver or handle the truth with as much compassion or care as you all. It's not just about being ready to receive, it's also about knowing that sometimes even our best friends are looking for an opportunity to judge you for things that reflect their own insecurities. You all clearly care for one another and are genuine friends, but my friends have not been that kind when giving me feedback whether solicited or not. I need new friends 🥺

  8. Narcoleptic Man – his super power is helping others fall asleep, see. He doesn’t hurt people. He just puts them to sleep. Need help getting your baby to sleep? Call narcoleptic man!!

    His cryptonite – he’s an insomniac. Which weakens his powers.

  9. Y’all, this podcast needs to continue as long as it can! It can only continue to grow and evolve, the same as your audience who like me, grew up at the same time as you three! Funny.. Raw.. Real.. Charismatic.. You three can talk about any topic and keep me engaged!

    Happy you’re all happy, healthy, growing and thriving!

    Come to Boston / Worcester, Massachusetts area when you go on tour please?

  10. I genuinely enjoyed this episode. I love every episode but I found this episode to be very insightful, learning about you guys of course but also giving me a reason to look at myself & my life & see what I can alter there. I always look forward to yahlls podcast. Never a dull moment!🫶🏼🫶🏼

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