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A VISUAL tutorial on 3 building campfires. Not just *HOW* to build them but *WHEN* to use each one! This Campfire Tutorial uses …


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  1. Thank you so much for explaining in this detail. Knowing the direction of heat and how it'll spread helps in making better decisions depending on need. Sincerely appreciate this from you!

  2. The teepee works best in inclement weather when you don't want to mess around.

    The log cabin is great when you have a little more time to spend building your fire. Notice the cabin is built around a teepee.

    The reverse fire is when you have decent weather and have the time to make a leisurly fire.

    All 3 are great fires and all will, eventually, make a nice, even, hot fire with great cooking coals.

    My personal favorite is the pile of tinder and wood with a nice garnish of gasoline! 😊

  3. It seems the best result would be to do the reverse fire first to get nice and hot embers and coals and then do the log cabin to dry you and your buddies wet socks after a long hike and then the teepee fire for when the socks have dried and are sitting back with your buddies drinking a cold one 🍻

  4. The teepee is the easiest to ignite due to it’s shape coinciding with the direction of the flames and the layered design making progressively larger flames to ignite the big logs.

  5. I typically build a top down fire, but I always start it with a teepee tinder fire at the top . Best of both worlds. A teepee fire lights the easiest and quickest, and establishes a huge amount of heat super fast. Plus the tinder smoke shoots upwards instead of horizontally.. like a chimney. Also, the square outside pieces at the top of the top-down create a cradled foundation to stop the bottom of the teepee from blowing out at the base while constructing.

    Been doing this… like forever 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Your welcome 😆

  6. I'm sure that this works well under the right conditions with the right kindling or Tender. I would retain the knowledge of all Three Fires to think about your conditions before starting one. Nice video thank you

  7. I think this would yield different results when you have a hot bed of coals to work around. The IR heat, not the heat from the flames, radiated by the coals will be affected differently between teepee and log cabin style stacking. Coals radiate IR heat outwards and around the fire through the spaces within a teepee and only vertically with log cabin. Since log cabin stacking usually surrounds the coals, the logs will block any IR heat from radiating outwards.

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