Skyrim Survival Mode: 10 Tips for Beginners! (2021!)

In this video we will be discussing 10 tips for Skyrim Survival Mode Beginners! If you have any additional tips, please feel free to …


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  1. Those are some great tips. Though I think you forgot to mention hot soups and that the torch gives +50 warmth rating when hold.
    Personally I prefer the Nord though. Though the orc can move a bit faster (only outsped by the high elf), Nords have the highest cold resistance of +25. I found myself in hazard weather such as snowstorms where my character would have died a long time before was he not a Nord.
    Utalizing Goldenhills Plantation as a player home is a great strategy. The unicorn comes in handy as well since it's the fastest and strongest mount in the game, outspeeding even Shadowmere.
    The Ring of Namira is a great artefact that let you feed on corpses to restore your hunger.

  2. Not sure if the designers took a cue from Conan Exiles, but I rather like the added challenge on survival mode. It always struck me as odd that eating and sleeping were optional…..

  3. I started my first survival playthrough modded. Using a vampire on legendary difficulty. I am still lvl 1 after an hour. It took me this long to get to Whiterun from the alternate start.

  4. Got a question for you all, every reply is appreciated. I never played skyrim before. I got both the og skyrim and anniversary edition. Should i start with the og or this one? This survival thing looks good, i love managing such needs within games. Thank you for your time, y'all

  5. Tip: it's possible for you to construct a portable campsite. Obtain 3 Firewood & 1 Leather, then make Camping Supplies at any Forge or Anvil. That way,but you're out in the wilderness & run into severe cold problems, you can just establish your campsite, get warmed up, make some food & generally rest up before heading out.

  6. Ale.. alcohol in survival is a cheap alternative to hot meals early game. Stamina debuff is a small price to pay when you're freezing on a mountain top

  7. I remember starting near Winterhold with the alternate start mod on my first survival mode. It then became a challenge to get to another city without freezing. Had to resort to stealing and entering every cave along the road south to survive.

  8. just started another play-though of Skyrim and im doing survival mode on master difficulty
    it's definitely rough, although im using a extra carry weight mod, to make life slightly less painful, since i don't like using followers and it's not a sneak build
    pretty much any bandit with a 2 handed weapon, or a mace can 1-shot-kill me, since im playing as a mage so im wearing robes with only gauntlets and boots heavy armor
    there are definitely some good race choices for survival, but since im playing on Master, i needed to go with Breton for the magic resistance

  9. Survival Mode has made me in the first time in years to bring down the Legendary difficulty to Master instead.

    It's such a learning curve to get use to, I'm so use to just fast traveling and having passive health Regen.

  10. They REALLY should have made fast travel available on a horse (or other regular mounts). Forcing you to go through a DLC quest just to get fast travel is really pretty non-doable for those of us who like to limit our questing based on character specific RP. If they had left it to working while on any horse or mount that would have suited a lot more RP styles.

  11. DaMN, I played a Bosmer in survival mode+ledendary difficulty and kind of gave up around Level 20. Carry capacity was 160 and without fast travel I was constantly dropping items. I wanted an archer build but my one handed weapons do more damage than even Elven arrows and Bows. I had to use 100s of arrows sometimes go kill average enemies. Everything was taking way longer than it should. I think a game like this shouldn't have introduced this mode coz it wasn't designed for it in the first place.

  12. Just found survival mode after downloading the anniversary upgrade. Brilliant it makes so much more sense now with food cooking and bed locations all over the place. I used to ignore them all but now it’s changed the game. Red apple and cabbage soup all the way
    Give your follower 1 x fire arrow and take away their steel/ iron arrows 💥 unlimited fire arrows for them
    If things get chilly get your follower to carry your warm clothing for you then change when it’s combat time
    If you level up during a dungeon crawl make sure you note where the beds are go back to the bed and level up before continuing to the boss
    Use a torch early on to help locate beds before you get candlelight spell so you can see where the beds are

  13. Been playing and have beatin skyrim and it’s dlc’s for years repeatedly. Not once have I even thought about doing survival mode until I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like gettin on Ark..seems like this is a new challenge that I have been looking for

  14. You’re not really playing till you turn off the HUD and check map to see where you need to go.

    The game is beautiful that way and getting lost sometimes adds to the immersion.

  15. Bro I am doing a survival play through with some mods and since I chose the left for dead start on alternate start mod, I spawned in on an island in solstheim and couldn’t play without cheating to get over the water. The water is brutal in this game mode.

  16. How do I get rid of the black bar on my stamina bar? I'm satisfied in hunger, thirst, and warmth. I also rest in beds, but the black bar still remains on my stamina bar.

  17. I like the high elves the most. They are least affected by fatigue and hunger so you don't have to sleep or eat as much as the other races do. They have high magika and op ability highborn.

  18. Anyone able to ask the developers of Skyrim to put more carriages around lol or be able to hire a carriage that takes you to smaller places and more unknown locations, and wait for you, for extra gold or something would be a great help getting around lol haha

  19. Still trying to fully turn survival mode off I’ve been messing with it the past hour and even tho I’ve turned off survival mode in my settings I’m still unable to fast travel and currently have no clue how to fix it 😅

  20. Few of those tips are not good for beginners like getting Bend Will shout, for which you have to unlock the dragons in Skyrim that will ramp up the game difficulty significantly.
    Honestly I would highly recomend for new players delaying finishing up Bleak Falls Barrow Quest as much as possible.
    For the Shrines you can use free shrine of Vaermina in Gallows Hall to get rid of diseases, so there is no need to pay iup 100 gold for blessings from other shrines.

    Here are my tips for the beginners in survivor mode:
    1.Always plan your trips accordingly what type of question you want to do, and do the as cloese to one another as possible, it will save up your time on traveling,
    2. Always use a packpack and craft at least 3 camping supplies,
    3. Pick up at least up to 20 lockpicks, because they have a weight on them now,
    4. Get a horse as early as possible it will speed up your travel time, but your ultimate goal will be getting a Dwemer horse that has ultimate stamina, but I would recommend getting it on level 25,
    5. Use the new free houses locations to sleep, and store items. As a example Gallows Hall has a shrine of Vaermina, and Staff of worms that will give you a free Dead trall that can fight and carry your items,
    6. Becaming a vampire doesn't help that much in survival mode, it can delay cold effects, but you need to be at least lv 10 to get Vampire Lord transformation from Dawnguard questline,
    7. Get Ring of Namira it will solve your hunger problem,
    8. Craft some hot soups it will delay somewhat freezing effects but it's only temporary solution,
    9. Collect only gold from corpses, and items that you didn't learn enchantmen effect,
    10. Get Goldenhills Plantation farm, this will give you not only food source, but also passive money income.

  21. I really like survival mode, but no health regen kills it for me. It isn't even that op imo. I like disabled fast travel, but there should be exceptions, like the campsite. Overall, customizability would have been nice. Gonna try survival mode again on my next playthrough, but I can't be bothered right now

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