10 Survival Skills & Bushcraft Tips | 10 Tips in 10 Minutes

Here are 10 useful bushcraft skills and survival tips that might help you in a wilderness survival situation. Ranging from using trees …


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  1. Did you get these tips from watching Ray Mears? He has shown all of these skills in his older videos from like, 20 years or more ago. Great guy. If I were to get lost on any continent on the planet, he would know how to survive with pretty much nothing, so I would definitely rather be with him while lost than anyone else alive today.
    I still go back and watch his bushcraft videos yearly.

  2. Funny, I just watched another short video where you make a whistle out of a tiny branch by removing the outer bark. I was watching this and thought…. Why not just whistle with a grass leaf? I learned this in Holland, I grew up on a farm ๐Ÿ˜„
    Thanks for sharing these videos, awesome tips!

  3. Oh you Brits and your tea ๐Ÿ˜‚
    On a serious note – thank you again for incredibly educational videos. I enjoy every single one of them! You are cool AF!

  4. Try splitting the blade of grass. Don't use the part with the center vain or remove it. Have the strait center piece facing you. I find doing that make a better grass whistle.

  5. You may not want to try number 9 in grizzly country. Sounding like a wounded animal with apex predators near by isn't going to do you any good if help is what your after.

  6. Just so everybody watching this his understanding that using a blade of grass as a distress signal even if you use the SOS pattern of sound you are still making a high-pitched sound that will attract any predator type animals to your exact location like ringing a dinner bell FYI.

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