Extreme Cold Weather Survival Tips

winter #survival #prepping In todays video I do a whole video in -47 degree celcius weather, it was a real challenge to keep the …


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  1. Your body makes enough heat, you just need the right gear to retain it. I have a TETON Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag that is rated to -25F. I get the XL so I can put my regular flannel sleeping bag inside it when needed. If for some reason you are in -60F, you can put a space blanket between the 2 sleeping bags to retain more heat. Don't sleep with the space blanket on you, you will sweat and then freeze when you come out.


  2. I need help with this. Did he just make a cut to explain the odd instances of people undressing in freezing conditions, suggesting it's because their brains have tricked them into thinking they're freezing?

  3. JK Rowling and this other crazy man, a nut job pastor from TN, helped me stay warm one night when we got lost in the wild in the UK: both gave me the clap and I burned all night long.

  4. Big difference between a working environment, and a sitting environment.

    It's not about staying as warm as possible, you need to vent and regulate.

    You need a sitting hat, and a working hat. Gives a nice hand warmer when you switch hats

  5. I'm so glad I watched your videos. I was doing my research on extreme cold weather parkas before making a purchase, and nearly went with Canada Goose. Even though Canada Goose is a quality garment that protects down to -20, I eventually came to the realization that the CG's Expedition Parka is more of a fashion garment and not an actual "survival" one which is what I was seeking. Additionally, your videos are extremely informative and easy to understand without a lot of blah, blah, blah. You have a no-BS way of articulating the facts . . . which may actually translate into saving someone's life if the are paying attention. Keep up the great videos!

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