Medic Survival Guide #1: Introduction

First in the “Medic Survival Guide” series! A ‘guide’ for Team fortress 2 support players and an overall expression of my boredom …


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  1. Seeing u zoom to the heavy's bar going red saying sorry felling its ur falt just AAAAAAAhhhhhh.

    I'm a medic main and never seen a video that explained the thought process so well for this boyo.

    Great on pointing out the 2 medic team. I've left games because of a aggressive medic.

  2. I love how he just adopts that Brass Beast Heavy and goes all protective of him. I've felt that love for teammates too, without much of a reason, even if they are not the best of players. On a round we had a Huntsman Sniper I healed a lot and I was like "You, I love you so much, keep doing what you're doin' bro"

  3. "All I can do is hope that this scout with horse blinders on hasn't gotten me killed"
    "And I get an arrow to the face"
    "If you need health desperately and a medic is looking at you just stare at him and stand still, it'll make him extremely happy"
    "I try to hit this pyro with a crossbow bolt but the medic decides to catch it"
    "The heavy forgot to go to the ammo store"

    I've been maining medic for about a week (Not in total hours, I mean I started playing him actively like a week ago) and I feel so validated in my various frustrations.

  4. array seven is teaching people that its a good idea to back up for market gardeners. He's being paid off by soundsmith and he's gunna manipulate the market in his favor. IM ONTO YOU!!!!

  5. I'm not necessarily an awesome medic main, i hardly play the game anymore, but i can confidently say that I'm quite decent, because i play a lot of support roles in many other games, so I'd like to give a little piece of advice for the new medics reading this.
    If you want to know how to play a support class, play an assassin class, and it applies viceversa if you want to know how to play an assassin class too!
    The point here is that you will start seeing the weakness of your main class very quickly once you stay in the shoes of the people that kill you a lot, it helps develop game sense and situational awareness in some cases because you will start seeing where the other medics fail, and that's where you gotta hit to learn to become a better medic main: study, compare and practice makes a fine doctor!

    Also, if you have Uber, Don't be afraid of using it, just like in other games, it charges back up, but I'm not saying just spend it like a monkey, actually use the "voice command" feature in your keyboard to communicate to your fellow companions and organize a push. Seriously, if you want to take a serious medic main course, the best advice that not many people give (because it's quite obvious, and it actually applies to every single class) is that communication is a game changer, don't be afraid to speak! Helps out if you're an introvert too!

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