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  1. I really like your videos, but the reality is that most people have to work 9-5pm (since the 19th century), so they have very little time to do any of this, as they don't have the option. If they have a professional job, especially, it's un-realistic. Yeah, you can do it on the weekend, but it will never become who you are as it's a minimal amount of your life.

  2. I feel as if just yesterday I was battling my first ever genuine friend with an umbrella on his front lawn. We would make up stupid fighting styles that were impractical and focused on the delivery and how many spins you could do or how far you could throw your umbrella. Now, not too long after, I’m laying down trying to figure out why I can’t hold myself together like I used to. Thank you for this insight, this genuinely helped me figure some things out. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. I saved this video, it's very good, I hope you will always continue to work hard and thank you for giving good informationAnd since you made me and the viewer aware of the hunter of centuries, I have learned a lot from this video

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