40+ Wilderness Survival Skills and Bushcraft Tips

Here are over 40 wilderness survival tips and bushcraft skills that you can learn yourself and apply when out in the wild.


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  1. i see only one tip here:-) use your mind thing and everything will by easy…Tips are for not thinking ppl Whos max is replay others way o thinking…for mentally disabled conquerors of the world hahaha.. but the material is ok bro ok:-)

  2. This is not wilderness survival, its like watching a kid in his back garden! He's seen a few episodes of Ray Mears and thinks he's in the jungles of Borneo. Come in now lad, it's time for your tea and then bed 😂

  3. In Islam a sign of the day of judgment is that we will go back to use old weapons along with old skills, and we will basically hav to rebuild civilizations from scratch just like tribes would have hundreds of years ago, and there will be no technology, so learn survival and bushcraft now, so you can use it later! Keep up the great work man!

  4. I tried to apply many techniques i learned in this channel last time I went camping, but man, at least in the area that u went camping here in Mexico, that harder wood is so much harder to process. Seeing how the wood just strips away like play dough here makes it look so easy.

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