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  1. 2:18 😳 You may want to add a warning there. AR500 is a type of ARMOR and STEEL PLATING. If you meant like an AR-15 or AR-10 I can see what you’re going for. Saying AR500 makes it seem like the best thing to do would be use the armor or steel plating to attempt decapitating the polar bear WHILE IT’S ATTACKING YOU…….. WHILE IT MIGHT BE COOL LOOKING, it would be impossible.😆😂🤣

  2. 'Tiger sharks, lemon sharks and great whites don't actually have legs' yeah no kidding
    it seems all of part 8 was just a joke as all of it is ridiculous advice.

  3. I spend a lot of time at the beach in the Netherlands (got a camping house that stands there from April to end of August) and rip currents are something I see at least once every 2 weeks. Since I've spent so long there, I can see them before feeling them (a calm(-er) part in the middle of a surf), but each year at least a few get caught in it. Mostly day trippers are the victims, because they don't know and usually ignore the extensive warning signs with explanation in Dutch, German, and English so there's no reason to go play the dumb tourist.

  4. In Nevada, black donkeys are wild from the mining days. They total cars if you hit one. Headlights seam to not light them at night. Your best luck is if someone is drive oncoming to backlight them. Open ranges of cows are also everywhere and they like the roads at night. Dont drive at night in the desert…

  5. If an elephant is charging at you, it's similar to a polar bear charging – you're most likely gonna die, but you can remove bags and clothing that you have on and throw them to the side while you're running so the animal might stop to inspect it, giving you a few previous seconds to keep running. No guarantees though

  6. ngl, years ago, knew a Biology classmate was prepping to intern in the Arctic for a research study up there, but before he could be allowed to travel with the researchers, he had to learn how to wield a heavy-duty gun in case of polar bears

  7. His survival tips become really dumb about halfway through (inhaling too much water can make you drown, sharks don't have legs, etc…) but they're presented exactly the same way as his real advice so you don't notice it right away

  8. On short enough hikes you can get away with cotton clothes, even if it rains or it's below freezing out (you will waste way more energy keeping yourself warm, but if the hike is short enough you can get to shelter and warmth), but please for the love of god don't wear cotton socks. Sweat in them enough and they become "sticky" and you could come back from the hike with several layers of skin chafed off parts of your feet.

  9. My girlfriends dad came with the advice that "if you can't avoid it, speed up if there's a deer. Better to make it as quick as possible for them. But when it comes to moose, swerve and hope you'll be fine"

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