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  1. What are the Most Important Items you feel every Prepper should Stockpile/ Hoard? To us Water is an Absolute Given. But there are a Ton More possible item than what made this list! We know to know what items you value stockpiling in mass quantity!

  2. 1. Food
    2. Batteries
    3. Lighters / matches
    4. Toilet paper / wipes
    5. Electricity – solar panels/ generator etc for charging batteries
    6. Duct tape
    7. Firestarters
    8. Cordage
    9. Candles
    10. Heirloom seeds
    11. Bug spray & sun protection
    12. Fuel (propane, butane, alcohol)
    13. Tarps
    14. Salt
    15. Garbage bags
    16. Soap & hand sanitizer
    17. Socks & underwear
    18. Flashlights
    19. Bleach
    20. Nails & screws
    21. Honey
    22. Liquor
    23. Fishing line & tackle
    24. Repair & maintenance tools
    25. Ammunition

    26. Garden & home tools

    27. Zip ties
    28. Feminine hygiene
    29. First aid supplies.
    30. Oral hygiene

  3. Guns medicine food water fresh pairs of shoes machetes knifes rain coat winter clothing snares crossbows first aid kits mres
    Long shelf life foods like 25 year shelf life im getting

  4. I injoy see your videos I thank you are spot on I don't no if one will ever need but I don't prepp for just me one must prepp for the little ones to God bless and keep up the good work

  5. Pew should be #1 on the list. If SHTF for real and you’ve prepped without pew, you’ve only prepped for others.
    Mt brother has 1 year food storage for his fam but refuses to prep any pew… he’s simply prepping for someone else. Also must not care about women & children in his home. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  6. I never seen a liquor cabinet (more like a liquor shelf) this impressive. Its kinda an underrated thing to stockpile imo, i would do the same if i can hide it from a family member or 2 😂

  7. You can save a ton of money on food if you can it yourself or buy regular canned goods. The MREs and camping premade freeze dried meals are overpriced for what they are.

  8. I remember in 8th grade, about 8-9 years ago from when I’m making this comment, I started getting in to prepping and my mom gave me a lot of crap for it…then covid happened lol. And after that my mom apologized like there was no tomorrow 😂

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