Survival Instructor Teaches How to Preserve Meat in Wilderness: Survival Food Rations

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  1. How would you store this for long term storage and not have mold? Thank you for sharing your information with us. Also, could a welding blanket be used , as it is fire retardant?

  2. By the way how long do you think this meat will last before being eaten? Aweek? 2 months? A year? What are some way to make it last longer? Thanks, your videos are awesomeness!!

  3. This is just what I was looking for! With so much uncertainty in the air, I’m doing everything I can to prepare my family against grid collapse. Starting to look into more ways to preserve meat that doesn’t require electricity ❤

  4. Just curious if it’s better to apply the same principles you would for an off set BBQ smoker and the ideal smoke would be less white and more blue smoke for a cleaner taste? Not using wet wood and using dry wood with very small burning fire. Thoughts?

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