10 Survival Tips in 10 Minutes | QUICK TIPS

These 10 survival tips might just help you to stay alive in a survival situation. In just 10 minutes I give ten survival skills ranging …


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  1. ( I wonder If there wasn't a report not long ago that could be aplied here with the water in the clear plasic bag..: That water in a pet bottle exposed long enough to the sun might actually become ..(les dangerous). ? )

  2. How on earth are you supposed to drink water that gathers on the sides of the upturned bag on the grass or on the underside of cling film that's covering a patch of grass? This seems like a completely useless thing to suggest?

  3. Love the video appreciate your work it's just sad because none of this advice actually helps in the states our environment is so poor and dry that starting a fire in the woods even a camping fire usually just leads to you burning down the forest oh yeah and our government also believes in no wild sources of food so there's not really that many animals that don't have mange there's definitely not that many fruit bearing trees that aren't government-owned yes camping in the states kind of sucks

  4. Love the videos man , on sundial skill I was originally taught put your left foot on the first stone and right on the second boom , facing north , but I like your method as well , keep them coming

  5. I agree with you on the nettle fiber about the strongest natural fiber Iโ€™ve found, Iโ€™ve found that the best time to Harvest the fiber is in the fall or winter when it is dead itโ€™s easy to collect in the morning or on a moist day, itโ€™s a lot stronger than when the plant is green in my experience. The watch technique is not very accurate partly since time is standardized and is not true solar time. I recommend the natural navigator by Tristan Gooley for a more in depth understanding of finding your way using the sun, stars, and many other natural clues. I have used the shell as a bearing on a bow drill with success and youโ€™re right about burning your hand! make sure you have some padding, also a piece of fat wood from pine makes a good bearing block.

  6. Please corect me if I am wrong: on the dial, the first shadow points west and the 2nd east. If you put your right foot on thr west point and the left foot on thr east you will be facing North. Somehow, I didn't understand your explanation, with thr 2nd stick. Isn"t North the opposite direction?

  7. I've gotta tell you, I just stumbled on your channel today, and I've been binging the quick tips videos. You have such a soothing voice that I can't help but be at peace watching your videos. The production quality is too notch! Plus the information is amazing and I am learning so much!

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