These Survival Myths Could Actually Get You Killed | DEBUNKED

Our love of reckless recreation, and our fascination with ‘lost in the wilderness’ movies means that almost all of us could reel off at …


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  1. Smart video😀 like to add, In Norway we say. "Its not to late to turn arround" this is when we go to a Mountain or in the forrest. "Its no shame in turning arround is also"a accurate description. Note that a lot of People get lost at sea Ar in the forrest/Mountains here. So be safe!

  2. 3:44
    Dumb question but I'm using the substance in question so I'll ask anyway lol, soooo alcohol can be used to treat blood clots or something clogging blood vessels? I know it's not a healthy way but if alcohol widens blood vessels then it could technically be used in a medicinal sense right? Ofc I know it wouldn't be the healthiest/safest way but just wondering if it's possible by that means

  3. There are a few Cacti that you can safely drink the water from. The fishhook barrel cactus is one you can drink from. So no, not all cacti are poisonous to drink. You just got to know your stuff. Nothing is as simple as "This plant is edible so all are."

  4. How to survive in Patagonia dessert where the temperature is very low and one of the driest desserts. In this desert you can get hypothermia and heatstroke at the same time due to windy weather. Please tell me how to survive in Patagonia dessert with minimum resources.

  5. It's not really a "survival myth" per se, but it's pretty common knowledge that tarantula bites are only about as harmful as a bee sting. This is not always true and can get you killed. There are many species of spiders that are commonly referred to as tarantulas, and the potency of their venom can vary wildly from species to species. There are also similar-looking large spiders that can easily be confused for tarantulas and can easily take you off the census, like the Sydney funnel-web spider.

  6. If you're anywhere in Europe there's a simple trick you can apply when you're lost: find a river and follow it downstream. You're guaranteed to find a settlement by day's end.
    This won't work in less populates places, but over here it's quite effective.

  7. For the alcohol, wouldn't there still be cases where the dilation of the veins might be useful? Like after a person is very close to being brought into a warm shelter but might have frostbite in the limbs and so on. If the warmth from the core can be used to limit some of the surface level damage, it seems like a reasonable trade off to me. Obviously not an expert, so would appreciate input on if this would or wouldn't work.

  8. Actually its fine to drink alcohol to get warm if…you got from cold outside to warm home, for example. Moderate amount of alcohol will help you to get warm faster without risks of freezing. Good to add some warm drink too.

  9. the biggest tip for survival is to never treat rule of thumb as fact! rule of thumb is fine in a day job, but in the wilderness it can kill and will never replace genuine knowledge

    i have heard some rule of thumb information that could get people killed if they relied on it to try to survive, especially if it comes to edible plants like "if berries are blue, they are safe to eat!" when plenty of dark blue berries could be your last meal

  10. Note on desert cacti– please do not cut down, cut up, or otherwise damage cacti. I say this because sometimes it's fun to "play" survivalist on a camping trip or something, and the human population on earth is high enough that even a "few" of us doing that can cause serious ecological destruction.

  11. Here is the best survival tip I can give anyone.

    If in any situation you are asked if someone knows you are there, the correct answer, regardless of truth is always "Yes".
    At the same time, if you are ever asked, if you are alone by any stranger, the correct answer is always no. You are always "with someone", no matter if that is actually true.

  12. Okay, uh, who actually believes any of that? Thats all pretty damn obvious. Espacially the alcohol warming you up allegedly? No, it can cool you down if you feel to hot. PRecisly for the reasons outlined here. Hence why in summer you might go to the beer garden, grill with some beer and so on.

    The only thing that seems believable wouldve been the cactus, maybe the leech stuff, i dont know how any of the other stuff wouldnt be immediately obvious.

  13. Boiling water does not make it inherently clean, no, but it does make it way safer. It is absolutely the safest way to drink water. The only danger is thinking it makes all water perfectly clean, you should try and get it from running water if you can.

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