10 Survival and Bushcraft HACKS you probably didn’t know!

Come on now, who doesn’t like a good #lifehacks video?! In this quick bushcraft and survival video I’ll show you 10, actually 11 …


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  1. I have found one thing. If youโ€™re using any ax or hatchet with a wooden handle, put a bumper on it. Youโ€™ll save yourself a lot of headache. And time because you may not have to make another handle.

  2. When I place ducktape on my lighters I loop some para-cord under the tape this way I have the ability to hang them off my pack, belt loop, tree limb so on and so on ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Living in Indiana now but was born and raised in and around the Appalachian Mountains. I've used a stone/rock for sharpening a knife before but the gritty mud on a stick is a new one for me. Makes a lot of sense given the use of "compounds" on sharpening strops since the stone/rock is the same principle as ceramic rods or that old crock you used to turn up to use the unglazed part of the bottom.

    Good calls. Liked/Subbed, off to watch some of your other vids!

  4. One thing I see folks do a lot is using a hatchet while holding the piece of log with their free hand to stabilize it.

    Makes me cringe every time.

    Instead use a spare stick or a thin chop of a cut about the size and length of a drumstick and hold the log steady with that instead.

  5. Just found you and subscribed.
    Everything, pure brilliance! Thank you! I like your natural mosquito repellent. Hate Off or Deet. Everyone gives off pharamones that's what draws squiters. When l put that shit on my skin gets hot. It works because it clogs the pores. No Bueno. Just like deodorant. Natural is always better. I look forward to learning more….

  6. Gotta say, not only am I an eagle scout that spent hours behind an axe and hatchet, I've also lived in a wood heated home in Colorado for 3 years when I was starting out, I've never been taught the trick of holding the tool at an angle. I'm a bit pissed to be honest but very much looking forward to passing it along. Also, I'd feel like a very rich man if I got to split a dry round like that! Haha. If I were making a video, I'd be willing to spend a small fortune to get one though! The only place anything dry exists is where nobody would ever camp. Even far in the back country. Best we can hope for is a green dead tree not infested with ants! Great video man, idk why it came into my life, but this weekend I'll be reoutfiting my pack for the day all goes to hell and I have to actually start surviving

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