Survive the Wild: 50+ Survival Tips & Bushcraft Skills

Here are 50 Survival Tips and Bushcraft Skills and how you can use nature to survive in the wild. More Wilderness Survival Tips …


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  1. Watching you handle stinging nettle like that makes me physically cringe, I have NO idea how you're doing that so casually Cx but absolutely amazing video, super insightful as always! 😀

  2. Were you with Ray Mears while making the fire using the bow + drill method? (Oh okay, I see now that it wasn't Ray. It really did look like him a lot in that split second)
    I've always wanted to meet him! I have been reading his books for decades! Same with his videos. He is, hands down, the best person to teach & learn bushcraft from. He is a master of his craft. Brilliant man.
    I love his bushcraft videos so much. The ones where he goes camping year-round in the woods around the England countryside are my favourite. The one where he made a canoe out of birch bark and a couple of other different types of wood is one of my top videos on YouTube. I go back to it at least once a year.
    Has he inspired you?

  3. Sir your awesome!! This video is the first of yours I have seen and and best survival with to the point info I have ever seen. Looking forward to future content and any past video's . Thanks

  4. I'd love to get into bushcraft, but I'm also terrified of getting arrested with our over the top knife laws. Are there any Uk legal knives that can be actually effective as a bushcraft knife?

  5. I'm jealous of the British woodlands… here in the Southern US everything and it's mother is venomous or otherwise wants you dead. Thanks for the tips, I've been enjoying your channel

  6. Hey sir! I appreciate your knowledge you bring to the table for nature itself and of course bushcraft. Do you happen to have a book or recommend a book with either pictures or detailed information of plants and nature where I could possibly use the info for eating stuff, building, etc?

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