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  1. My gf said the same thing about her chair and I told her to simply be stronger and that I don't have that problem despite carrying more weight. Guess who gets to carry two chairs now 😶

  2. The chair has a back on it to lean against. The pad doesn't. The toothpaste takes up far less room than the jar of whatever that stuff is. The tape is looks like a good choice, but you should also have antiseptic.

  3. I never carried band aids. Super glue is the best. Closes the cut instantly, it's not going to pop back open or fall off and it makes a completely waterproof coating, and it takes up next to no space in your pack.

  4. we gotta go all supernova to find our orientation, true. I'm not denying it. I've done it, we all do it, cuz we all want that….adventure…that…life! I mean, yeah, we won't all go all Chris McCandless and stuff, but I think the underlying message here is understanding what not to do! Luck favors the prepared!

  5. you know, a lot of people were and are pissed off at the mythology of Chris McCandless. Yes, it wS cool how he just relentlessly "went for it"; I mean read the book, "Into The Wild", it's an AMAZING STORY! But although sometimes we gotta goball supernova and sht

  6. totally. having something like a leather men is cool, but I like the one my niece gave me. iy has a full size spoon and fork, and just a basic knife. it's good to keep it on your person.

  7. Ty so much before I went camping with my friends I was looking for things to help us the tape was a absolute help we got lost for a few days and ended up being in the middle of nowhere for 2 days and the tape helped start fires and helped hold things together Ty so much ❤

  8. Leukotape and athletic tape around a Sharpie. It takes about 3 feet of athletic tape to tape an ankle. Leukotape lasts for 4-5 days so 3 feet for every 5 days is fine. The athletic tape is to leave notes or as flagging or as backup tape like sprained ankle + scratched up in a fall. 3-4 feet of 2 kinds of tape is so much lighter than a 15 foot roll. I rarely, rarely need either. I've used the athletic tape to leave notes more than anything else.

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