10 Survival Bushcraft Tips & Tricks You Must Know #2

Gear Used in This Video : βœ“ Multitool: https://amzn.to/3MiuriN βœ“ Full-Tang Knife: https://amzn.to/49diFQy βœ“ Flashlight: …


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  1. Badass bro. I've been bushcrafting for about 5 years now, that cutting glass tip is priceless. As well as getting water out of the birch trees. I've seen it before, but your style was much more understandable. Thank you and stay safe out there πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡².

  2. Wtf one tree drinks water from its dripping sap and other tree sap is a Firestarter guess you have tobe some kind if biologist to know which tree or weed is which

  3. The spike in the tree for water is a good tip, but which side should we tap, N,S,E or West…
    Then I would not seal with the gum and lighter. The lighter fuel is more valuable starting additional fires at least another 5

  4. The tree where you did the water tap. Was that a white birch? Will that technique work with other trees? And you drank it right from the tree. No need to boil? Cattails with charcoal. Brilliant. Thanks.

  5. You did well brother. Ignore the tree huggers, I do. Survival is key. Tips are necessary. Man! That looked like quail eggs. A company here pickles those things. A little pricey but are tasty. Bet the fresh one are awesome. Thanks mate' πŸ‘

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