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  1. Have a family camp out/ cuddle party all in one room. Collect spare blankets and sleeping bags,as part of your prepper lifestyle, I like to put blankets under and over me in extremely cold weather, some mattresses can be a bit of a heat sink, flannel sheets help too. Have spare blankets in the car in case you get stuck somewhere in cold weather. I travel for a living and keep a veritable mountain of blankets in my work truck too. Have sleept comfortably in temps as low as 10 degrees with a sleeping bag layers of blankets and a pug. When my trucks bunk heater is acting up. (No heat) I used to have a reusable tarp like emergency blanket, that thing sure keeps the warm in, but it makes a lot of noise when you roll over, but worth it. With a good quality sleeping bag I no longer use the emergency blanket. Just ALL the layers.

  2. Learn to live outside… that is better that trying to survive inside, faster and easier to build a sheltert there than trying to insulate an american made house….. greetings from finland, where the summer lasts only 3 months and the rest on the year is cold. Clothes and shelter is the most important things is surviving cold… that beign said there is lot of valid points in this, good job

  3. Us Canadian just went thru -54 c without windchill and most of what you are saying is very good. It really is important to have a kit and know where water shutoff is. Hoping many listened to this

  4. In preparation for outages i keep 8 to 10 cheep outdoor solar lights in a group outside where the sun is strongest. At dusk i take them in and dismantle the ground spike. I then take the lights and put them around the house, where light is needed the most. Bathroom, warm room, etc.

  5. I do water restoration for a living. The #1 cause of frozen pipes is hose bibs between the main floor and basement ceiling. Locate these areas, and install a "cold air return cover" in the basement ceiling near the wall where the hose bibs go to the exterior. This allows warm interior air to rise into the cavity. Saves you an insurance claim and also hardens your home.

  6. I had just moved to Texas right before the freeze and the boyfriend i had there wouldnt even light the fireplace because it was white and he wanted to keep it white LOL so we had no heat and his pipes froze so we had no water and the generator was needed for the pump house.

  7. I have many LED emergency lights. The neighbors must shake their heads trying to figure out why my apartment is well lit during blackouts. I have bought numerous rechargeable batteries and keep them charged. If there is a major storm warning, the batteries are topped off and restocked. In thirty years in my apartment, the longest a blackout has lasted was about eighteen hours due to a local fire. I'm on a leg with the statehouse complex, so I'm pretty safe but not complacent. Great video!

  8. We have slowly renovated our old two story house with high insulation including all the ceilings between the floors. We now have a small wood stove in the basement with plenty of pallets in one corner. We have 200 lbs of potatoes, 200 jars of jam along with oatmeal and rice. We also have empty buckets with 2 buckets full of garden soil. Do your business and place fresh soil on top. Good for weeks in the basement in extreme cold thanks to highly insulated walls, floors and ceilings.

  9. Cheap heating source : large terracotta pots with quarter sized hole in bottom, cupcake trays,tea light candles. Light candles and put in cupcake trays. Turn over terracotta pot onto cupcake tray. Heat rises out of the hole. It’s really a great quick and cheap source. Stockup your tealights!

  10. Stuff your clothes with crumpled paper. It turns any clothing into an arctic suit. If you need to travel to a store on foot due to no functional roads, wrap and tie many plastic grocery bags around your shoes and lower legs for waterproofing. Ride out the cold in style like a hobo.

  11. Buy 5 good flashlights , one for car, one to carry, one for attic, basement. One in the bedroom, one hidden on the front porch. Get not one but two large packs of AA batteries that the flashlights use. Also solar charging lights maybe a good backup. Good advice for the food…

  12. Get 2 kiddie pools. Set up one in the garage one one on your deck or outside near the back door. When you use the bathroom. Get bucket of water first and pour into the toilet for a good flush. When it rains, Fill it back up from your downspouts. Garage pool water can be filtered for drinking and cooking.

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