Simple Bushcraft Tips & Skills

Here are 20 Bushcraft skills, tips and tricks to help enhance your survival skills. MY BUSHCRAFT & SURVIVAL GEAR SHOP: …


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  1. One bushcraft skill I was taught as a Boy Scout in the 1950s (yep, I'm a geezer) is "pioneering" i.e. lashing. I never forgot those skills nether have helped me over the years. LEARN LASHING!
    Also I was taught how to use and sharpen axes of all sizes in that Scout Troop. Great skills!

  2. I really love the pace of your examples. Slow enough to realistically grasp the information and placement. While many others go so wuickly its like they assume you already know what your doing. I also really like that you show tips using things anyonencan find around them vs tools that others assume we already own

  3. Excellent choice of subject matter. Very informative. Well thought out. I'm just getting started, you fixed so many things for me in this video. Perfect presentation. thank you. I just subscribed.

  4. Do you prefer a single or a double bevel knife, and why? I would think it has to do with knife hygiene, maintaining a good single edge without the trouble of maintaining both sides of the blade?

  5. Look, I've been in a survival situation with a sling shot and it was really not useful. I've been with 9 other people trying to hunt ducks with that and it's just not worth it. I saw it in many survival manuals, but really, not worth it. You'll feel animals laugh at you while you are starving, desperate and trying to find more rocks to throw at them.

  6. If you want to learn about bushcraft and this type of stuff there is no way around your channel. I went „camping“ with my girlfriend this summer for the first time and your videos helped me a TON. Keep up the good videos no matter how long they take to make👍👍

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