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  1. "Human faces, long flying hair, wear armor, little crowns on their head, lions teeth, and giant scorpions stingers"
    This is how I would describe a armored war helicopter if I were a guy receiving visions of God.

  2. so wait, Revelation goes beyond creative length to punish Earth, but at the end reward us with some…. golden cube? If that aint the old version of "We see you bust your ass constantly on this job cause of our greedy cooperate fuck ups….here a pizza party as a thank you for participating. And oh we might do this again cause why the hell not."

  3. Why do people still think the authors are anonymous? Early Christian fathers reported the apostles wrote some of the books, which Antioch and polycarp state they knew the apostles and confirmed their authorship. John the apostle wrote revelation just admit it, or do your own research like I had to. Stop being lazy

  4. There are no signs for the end of time – the tribulation already happened. There is no mark of the beast… it already happened in the first century – please study and stop listening to people who listen to other people all who don’t study or read the Bible !

  5. Don't take the mark of the beast(neuralink),it goes in the head & can be used for payments, I suspect prince William is the the antichrist, soon to be king, believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, repent, pray in Jesus Name, get saved, ask The Lord to keep & guide you in these last days.

  6. Apocalypse: Happens
    Me as a HEMA practitioner: (Puts GoPro on helmet and starts streaming) ITS THE APOCALYPSE BABY! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUSCRIBE!!! NOW LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Runs towards the weird lobsters demons and start attacking them with a mace and axe)

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