10 Knife Skills in 10 Minutes #survival

A knife is more than something we use to cut our steak with – it’s a survival tool! And when wielded properly, it can serve for a …


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  1. Unless you are in a true survival situation, take only pictures and leave only footprints. Carry orange tape or pins to marke your route back ( quicker and less damaging ). The less you play with knives in the wilderness, the less you will have to know about wilderness first aid and medicine LOL .

  2. Experts advice …. Then here's you guys .. but the bark of the tree!. Lol. Wow. Just wonder around in a circle and die of exposure. At least a renewable resource was spared a scar that it would live through. Keyboard warriors are exhausting

  3. I carry pre-cut pieces of surveyor tape in a gallon ziplock bag. just wrap a piece around a branch when you're nearly out of sight from it. Coming back it's easy to just pull them down and put them in the bag. I did this a lot when exploring new areas to pick mushrooms.

  4. I got my first "real" knife for Christmas at age 9 from my father. He gave me a Swiss army knife at age 6 or 7, but that folding Buck knife with holster was truly a rite of passage.
    It may be irrational bias, but I've never been able to much respect a man who doesn't carry some kind of knife.

  5. Very useful tips thanks but please try to never carve with the knife in your direction, same with cutting make sure its not towards yourself, and don't lick food of your knife u can cut your tongue.

  6. I will probably be living in the woods, forest with my survival knife because I will refuse to take the evil 666 mark of the beast money system chip in my hand or forehead.
    儭 Never forget to carry sharpening tools with your knife

  7. Ive found it useful to make the blaze slightly lower on the side youre going towards than the side youre coming from. This way if you get yourself turned around and come across your blaze, youll be able to differentiate between your destination blaze and the one you want to follow to get back to the road or whatever.

  8. Of ALL the places and the space they have, those mosquitoes gotta be in YOUR space!
    This was an awesome instructional video!! Especially the scraping of the trees to keep from getting lost!
    Thank you!! NOW Im STOKED!!!

  9. Scraping a tree with your knife isn't a knife skill, its a navigation skill. And as others have said, there are other ways than damaging the trees unnecessarily to mark your path of travel.

    Instead of digging in the dirt with your knife and risking damage to the blade, use a stick to dig and poke around. Way more efficient and effective.

    Pulling your blade towards you while carving is a rookie mistake, especially the way you're showing, stabbing yourself in the heart isn't good for business..

  10. Very, very, very good points to pass on. Basic for those in the know… lifesaving for amateurs and neophytes!
    I forgot to add. Some say that the cultivating hoe was man's first tool. I say that that may be true for gatherers. In my opinion, the knife was the first tool. For hunters, to survive, and overall, the first tool!

  11. Please never cut with the knife in your direction if you hold the wood like he did against his chest and carve the wood towards himself, if he went too hard he could have cut himself, accidents happen, never lick food of you knife you can cut your tongue.

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