20 Stealth Camping Tips & Skills

Here are 20 stealth camping tips that just might help you out when trying to not get busted camping in the wild! From useful …


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  1. i wouldnt use a flashlight at all if im hiding. Just learn how to find the north star and you dont even need a compass or use a map. Just remember the heading you need to follow. And its pretty easy once you know the 2 constellations to look for. Or even 3 for a pro. And one of them is enough.
    And fire only if you need it for heat in like the winter or if the water you got is poor. Cooking food what for? Thats only necessary for meat and even meat you could eat raw if its fresh. It only tastes better cooked. You can eat almost anything plant based raw and its most likely even more healthy. In this kind of stealth situation i wouldnt take any chances. Just go stealth and get out of there to a secure location. Its not a situation that needs comfort. You could also bring one of those metal blankets so infrared cameras are less likely to find you.

  2. you can avoid humans ! how do you avoid – Tigers, snakes, wolfs, lions and Forest RAT's ? one you leave your shelter to get a natures call you will be evicted by a king cobra.

  3. Lessons learned:
    Don't camp behind a large bush, out of view of the highway while riding bicycle to Yellowstone park, but also in a low, wet swampy spot.
    Don't camp on a cactus, they will poke you, your tent, your air mattress and you won't sleep. Nevermind that the cactus is in a Michigan U. Tarantula study area and the truck drives 10miles down a dirt road at 0500 to unload and start filming…
    Police will let you camp in genuinely illegal places if it's covid shut down and the campgrounds are closed… great way to camp in state parks on the beach in oregon, and see whales breach as the sunrises (can also have full on bonfire on beach in OR, and camp legally anywhere that's not a SP or private beach frontage).
    Deer are very curious, either tame or very wild ones will crunch around your tent at all hours if there are too many deer around…
    Ear plugs and an eye mask.
    Ideally where no flashlight from a path, or headlights from a turning car, will catch a light color on your gear.
    Can stash a reflective bicycle or motorcycle if you have low brush that's thick, or go over a rise a bit. Had to do this in Tribal lands once. Just show respect and leave not long after sunrise. Anyone out that early is on a mission and won't bother with you.

  4. There are so many stealth camping videos, but I don't ever see one with the reason why you would stealth camp. Camping is legal surely? What situation is there that makes stealth camping so in demand?

  5. Ok take a chem light find a mag light the right size make a pin hole cardboard cover over the mag lenz . Open the mag lenze insert chem light. If you must cover pinhole with a finger light is gone uncover you have a thin beam of light

  6. I was up cutting wood one year up an old logging road where I had cut for several years. It was off where you never see any one. I was working on downing a tree when I heard something over the saw noise. I looked up and some idiot with a man bun was yelling at me from across the road. I shut off the saw and he started telling me this was his spot and I needed to leave. I said I been cutting up here for several years this is my spot you leave! I went back to work he went back over and started throwing branches off a hole in the ground where he had a pup tent, He left good riddance I said!

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