10 Wilderness Survival Tips | Bushcraft Skills

Here are 10 simple wilderness survival tips and bushcraft skills. You can apply these skills on wilderness camping trips or just an …


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  1. I find if you use blade for sap/resin . To clean slightly heat and wipe off with a alcohol wipe or baby wipe just remember to dry blade thoroughly if baby wipes..as when sap/resin is heated it is almost dilutable give it a try. Love the content

  2. Excellent! Been carrying a Swiss Army Knife since 1974. Lost a few over the years, but they’ve never failed me.
    I just wish the scales were easily removable, or perhaps hinged, to store a few hooks, 30’ of braided line, a couple of tiny split shot and a tiny spinning lure.
    Excellent video. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventures with your Swiss Army knife. I know now what you can do with corkscrew, together with the saw, can get at higher branches. Maybe get some fruits which was too far for my reach.
    Happy new year…have a great 2024

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