50 Survival Tips – Food | Fire | Shelter | Water – Wilderness knowledge you should know

This wilderness survival video will give you plenty of tips for how to survive and become comfortable in nature. Learn about …


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  1. Hello. My friend in Kenya is exposed to malaria a lot. Would the pine needles in the pinus patula or the pinus radiata work for mosquito repellent on clothing? And how about for fire? Thanks.

  2. @BUSHCRAFT TOOLS Hi! I have a question about pine pitch glue, can deer poop work? with all the pine and deer poop I have near my house I could open a factory 😂

  3. Thank you for a great video. I'd like to mention cedarwood can cause a very severe allergic reaction. ( i nearly died/ anaphylaxis after exposure to cedarwood incense), and quite annoyingly, cedarwood furniture !
    So always carry antihistamines, just one little pill can halt the onset of a reaction, before further injections at A&E etc would be needed. 🌿

  4. Not all pines are suited for making pine needle tea. White pine is the best source and white pine does not grow eveywhere.

    Do your research.

    There are some that are poisonous or toxic. Those you want to avoid include Lodgepole Pine, Monterey Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Norfolk Pine (Australian Pine), Loblolly Pine, Common Juniper, and although not a pine, Yew

  5. Love your videos…..been binge watching. I must admit at first I thought you said "pine is a carnivorous tree" not coniferous 😂😂 …..I kinda panicked a bit thinking well that's new 😂

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