The Backrooms Survival Guide… (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Today I’m starting a new series called “The Backrooms Surviva l Guide…” where I’m going to teach you all how to …


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  1. A few additional tips for wanderers

    If you're in level 0 and see an area bathed in red light, go in the opposite direction.

    Don't go anywhere near anything even resembles a hole in the ground on level 666

    If in any level you see a humanoid like child with no face or part of a face, remove yourself from the area quietly asap, if there's more then one? Just Run…

    If you end up in a level that resembles a CPU hard drive that tried playing Crysis on maximum settings…leave

    Don't close your eyes on level 6.5 ….ever.

    Keep in mind the backrooms are the only place where you can turn a simple thing like a water gun then add object 15 and turn it into a napalm cannon.

    Usually if the food or water in backrooms is said to be "safe to consume" it's not.

    Change is normally a good thing in our reality, but in the backrooms it's a nightmare.

    Wi-Fi in the backrooms is still more reliable then Wi-Fi in the frontrooms.

  2. This is my first backrooms survival video I’ve seen. My friends and I are obsessed with trying to no clip into the backrooms and survival is really important. I will definitely be sending this to them,

  3. when you first see entities actually depends on one factor in level 0, if you see power outlets and cameras in level 0, the bacteria is there, if there are no power outlets or cameras, the bacteria is not there

  4. Imagine being no clipped into the back rooms when you’re about to have camping trip with like a few camping bags with months work of MREs, portable stove, tents, flare gun, actual gun, sleeping bag, flashlights etc. or imagine if. You no clipped into the back rooms as a marine stacked with modern weaponry etc, that’ll be easy

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