DayZ Survival Tips That Will Save Your Life!

DayZ is a zombie survival game, but if you go into the wilderness it’s just a survival game. And here’s a guide to survive the …


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  1. sickness kicks my ass in dayz. i’m new and only play official, and i swear to god i’ll get a wound infection for no reason every single game. I’ve only ever used spawn bandages and i always check to see if the ones i pick up are disinfected which they are. but out of nowhere i get the icon and my screen goes blurry and i’ve only ever manage to find tetra once. So annoying

  2. my pc cannot afford to handle the amount of quality this game has so i have to play unturned which is a replicate with alot less graphics and features but its less laggier. i still have low FPS with lowest graphics doe

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