60+ Bushcraft Skills & Survival Tips

Here are more than 60 bushcraft skills and wilderness survival tips. This is the compilation of the entire survival tips videos from ta …


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  1. Great video!!! I stay away from any damp ground. I was with a group walking on a marsh. One man fell through. Never forgot about it and was thinking what would happen if nobody was their to help pull him out!!!

  2. I can't remember the last you tube video I watched completely from start to finish without skipping… of course I know all this stuff already 😂… but nearly an hour packed full of info was awesome to watch. Thank you.

  3. Great informative video, obviously backed by years of experience. During the wet fire-making parts, your seen wearing an insulated type jacket, this type of jacket is renown for its ability to insulate but not for its water-proofness, was wondering about your choice there, you could have swapped it out for a lighter weight water proof shell, wearing a dry insulative layer; fleece/wool jumper under the shell? Your cap also, I question its insulative qualities and its water -proofness? I had a little dog like that; a jack russel cross, it was a real character, gutsy and tenacious but its nature was to kill anything it could and this is the only reason I don't have that type of companion! Thank you, I watched it through, very entertaining, I live in Australia and it was interesting enjoying that type of ecology/environment.

  4. I sont know where modern bush craft people learned to beat their knife with a pice of wood. When I learned about survival I was taught that you use a tool only what it was intended for. If you break that knife you can screw yourself. Bring the proper tool for the job it was meant for. Also if your in the forest there is no reason to beet on your knife to find or make kindling.

  5. how do you do this on land here in the uk? so much of it is owned so trying to relax by a riverside fire where i live (north east uk) is difficult. Especislly with all the public footpaths

  6. Superb skills. Where were you when I was learning survival skills in my early Royal Air Force days when we had to spend a week living rough, after we’d supposedly ejected over enemy territory and were looking friendly agents to help us get back to friendly lines?

  7. I've found it helpful to gently strike or "knap" the edge of a dulled piece of flint with the steel itself when a piece of flint starts to produce less spark. Flint is harder to find in my area, so it helps to extend the resource, as it only knocks off a few smaller shards from the larger piece.

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