Best Survival Hacks and Camping Coking Tips #Shorts

Do you like adventure and outdoor activities? Is a hotel holiday not for you? Then watch this video with survival hacks. See how to …


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  1. That bamboo rice looks awesome. I just need to find some bamboo now. If momma's home – it's a definate she's gonna chase me out of me own home …. a place where my heart only belongs …

  2. Wow, this makes survival Fun! Beware of chemical warfare targeted against unsuspected individuals.
    Arsenic poison can make your body aches a lot. Use SALT water to extract arsenic. Potassium chlorinate. Makes you very thirsty. Drink or eat sour lemons/ sweets.
    ALWAYS keep bath salts made from pure mag nesium with you. I will save your life.
    If your mouth corners have been cut, get Amino acids, to help digest your food, otherwise you will only get thinner and thinner and might die. 😮
    Adri for TRUTH.

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