Amazing survival tips and bushcraft tricks your must know!

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  1. The only thing this taught me is how to waste food, how to blow ur hand off with a lighter candle bomb, and how to make a useless bottle candle to light up about 8 to 10 inchs infront of you.

  2. Дебил. И подписаны на него такие же.
    И я вдруг представил. Пропал мужик в лесу и вот эту хрень вспомнит. Вот жаль нет верёвки, зажигалки, мачете, мултитула, сверла, пилы, кусков воска, жестяной банки и т.д. Я бы щас тут навёл шороху😂😂😂😂

  3. Captain obvious survives in a forest with Pringles, oil, can-opener and others good things. There are not cartridges and first aid kits only. He should learn a few others knots.

  4. Take a bic lighter, and drill though the top were the gas comes out, through to the bottom. Get 3 strands of mop cotton twist throug hole, strike lighter as normal, and it will spark in the mop strans, so you always have a starter. Check out trench art lighters using same principle!

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